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Comic-based projects are all the rage on the big screen and the small screen in recent years, and Joe Hill's graphic novel Locke and Key has come close to an adaptation a couple of times. Unfortunately for fans of the source material, no TV show or movie has been produced... but the odds are looking pretty good that a series will finally happen on Netflix. In fact, a deal may be finalized sooner rather than later. Here's what we know.

Netflix is approaching a series order deal for a Locke and Key adaptation of Joe Hill's novel of the same name, according to THR. The series hails from Carlton Cuse of Lost and The Strain fame. Netflix has not yet officially commented on a potential Locke and Key show due to the fact that deals have not yet been finalized. The streaming service is reportedly in talks to license the project and develop it independently from previous attempts to launch a Locke and Key series.

Notably, the prospective Netflix series will not be the same as the Hulu series that was in the works in 2017. That project landed a pilot order, and the pilot was directed by Andy Muschietti, who made waves last year as director of the big screen IT adaptation. Muschietti was also slated to contribute as an executive producer, along with Carlton Cuse. Despite Cuse's continued involvement, however, the Netflix series would not simply be the Hulu pilot on a new platform. Muschietti will retain an executive producer credit, although his involvement with IT 2 means that he likely won't have much of a hands-on role in Locke and Key.

Carlton Cuse will work with graphic novel author Joe Hill to redevelop the project for Netflix. News of the likely Netflix series will come as a relief to fans who were counting on Hulu finally bringing Locke and Key to the small screen. Hulu rather surprisingly passed on the project after the pilot, despite the fact that Frances O'Connor signed on to star with Danny Glover slated to appear as well. The decision to pass on Locke and Key reportedly came from new Hulu CEO Randy Freer, while other Hulu execs were on board with the project. The writers room was apparently open and in business for another seven scripts after the pilot. If that is indeed the case, then a lot of work will be wasted for the Netflix redevelopment. For Netflix, Frances O'Connor's character will be recast.

A Netflix deal will mark the end of an eight-year effort to get Locke and Key to television. Fox was the first platform to take strides toward an adaptation, and a pilot was produced for the 2010-2011 TV season. The pilot did not result in a series order, although it was well-received at a special San Diego Comic-Con screening. In 2016, progress kicked off on another attempt to adapt Locke and Key for TV, and the project ultimately landed at Hulu in 2017. Now, nearly halfway through 2018, Locke and Key is likely headed to Netflix.

Obviously it's too soon to say how the Netflix adaptation would handle the source material, but author Joe Hill's collaboration likely means that comic fans will be happy with it. Locke and Key revolves around three siblings who move to their ancestral home in Maine after the murder of their father. They discover that the mysterious house has magical keys that can grant them a variety of powers; unfortunately for them, there's also a demon who will do just about anything to key those keys as well.

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