America's Got Talent Season 13 Already Hit The Golden Buzzer With Incredible Aerial Dance Routine

America's Got Talent has returned to the airwaves for Season 13, and the two-hour premiere delivered plenty of show-stopping, groundbreaking, and occasionally ridiculous acts to entertain viewers. With the exception of the contestant who wanted to be a judge and the group whose talent was basically spitting water at each other, the premiere was mostly filled with exceptional performers, and one dance troupe stood out so much that host Tyra Banks already hit the golden buzzer to guarantee that they move on to the next stage of competition. Check out Austrian acrobatic dance troupe Zurcaroh hitting the America's Got Talent stage!

Let me just say: I'm so glad this episode of America's Got Talent was pre-recorded rather than live, because I would have been too nervous during some of Zurcaroh's craziest throws and lifts to really enjoy what these young dancers could do. Given that most Americans probably aren't familiar with this Austrian dance troupe, I probably wasn't the only viewer on the edge of my seat as they showed what they could do as individuals and as a group. Remarkably, the act opened with the leader declaring to the judges that they are not professional dancers, but they do perform acrobatically and gymnastically.

Honestly, some of those dancers deserved the golden buzzer just for their body control alone! Throw in their synchronized movements, incredible choreography, and the sheer height of their throws, and it's no wonder Tyra Banks felt compelled to hit the golden buzzer, even though this was only the first episode of the season.

That said, I have to wonder if Tyra Banks will come to regret using her golden buzzer so early. The four judges were clearly all impressed by the act and would have absolutely voted Zurcaroh through to the next stage of competition; now, Tyra Banks won't be able to use the golden buzzer to pass any others through that might have less support from the panel of judges. Still, can we blame Banks for getting so caught up in the moment that she had to slam the golden buzzer? Zurcaroh delivered a aerial dance act that may go down as one of the most remarkable in America's Got Talent history.

Of course, this was only the first night of competition, and it's possible that future acts will dazzle even more than Zurcaroh. Even if that is the case, however, this act was definitely a fabulous way to end the two-hour premiere event. We'll just have to wait and see them perform live next time to see how they compare to other acts that made it past the first stage of competition.

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Laura Hurley
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