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The original incarnation of Jersey Shore was never short on shouting matches, bleeped-out words, and melodrama. Jersey Shore Family Vacation certainly hasn't held off on the melodrama as it reunited most of the original cast members for more antics, years after the original run of the series came to an end on MTV. Angelina Pivarnick, who is undoubtedly best known for making enemies of just about everybody on Jersey Shore, is returning, and a first look at her facing off against the girls of the house isn't pretty. Take a look!

Wow, JWoww, tell us how you really feel! It's too soon to say based on this quick clip just how long Angelina has been in the house before the shouting match with JWoww (and the contributions of the other ladies in the house) kicked off, but tensions were clearly running high. Angelina recently stated that she wanted to join Jersey Shore Family Vacation because she wanted to "make amends" and a lot of what she experienced during her time on Jersey Shore was "eating up and away at me for all those years." She wanted to deal with some "unfinished business."

That statement seemed to indicate that Angelina would be apologizing to the cast for her actions during the original run of the show; if that is the case, it appears that the situation will escalate very quickly between her, Jenni, and the other women. JWoww is already seen yelling at Angelina to explain why she's there and then to get out of the house. Nicole and Deena piled on at a few points, but JWoww was really leading the charge against Angelina, clearly furious that she was back after eight years of radio silence. The two women disagree on who blocked whom on social media, and it's difficult to imagine the conflict being resolved.

The most entertaining parts of the clip may actually be the guys' reactions as they tried to avert their eyes and Vinny's narration of the fight like an Australian documentary narrator. He referred to Angelina as a "baby hippo" getting preyed upon by "wild hyenas." I did get a laugh out of the quick cut away from the furious shouting match to Angelina calmly telling the camera that she wanted to come back to show that she's "not this crazy girl." Ah, Jersey Shore.

You can catch new episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV. Be sure to tune in tonight to see all the confrontations, shouting matches, and melodrama bound to explode when Angelina makes her way back into the house. For what you can watch on the other nights of the week, swing by our summer TV guide. If streaming is more your style in the warm months of the year while many of TV's biggest shows are on hiatus, check out our 2018 Netflix premiere schedule and 2018 Amazon Prime rundown.