That Royal Wedding Commentator Faked His Accent, Is Actually American

Prince Harry Meghan Markle

You can add another American to the list of millions who watched the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This one, however, did so with a fake British accent and to an audience. Thomas J. Mace-Archer-Mills, Esq. was one of the many experts commentating on the royal wedding. The thing is, he was actually born with another name. The man using the multi-hyphenate last name was born Tommy Muscatello, a New York native with an apparent gift for the British dialect.

Despite using the convincing accent, Tommy Muscatello maintains that he never said he was born in Britain, per Newser. Like many, Muscatello shares a fascination with the British royal family. And while many Americans have a hobby of catching up on the latest news circulating about the British royals, Muscatello has parlayed it into something more. He has leveraged his knowledge to start an array of things.

Tommy Muscatello is the chairman and editor of the magazine Crown & Country. And he is the founder of his own organization, the British Monarchist Society and Foundation, which has its own YouTube channel. What is it they say about doing what you love? Muscatello has clearly taken it to heart. The 38-year-old Muscatello credits his expert accent to his high school's production of Oliver.

That Tommy Muscatello's accent was good enough to convince the British populace of its authenticity indicates he got a fantastic education in pulling it off. Many prominent actors have not managed to pull off the accent without catching some flak for its quality. Of course, fans usually know where the actors are really from, but still. News of Muscatello's feat has been making headlines ever since The Wall Street Journal broke the story.

In truth, this is one of those stories that could end up as a documentary you end up watching one late night on Netflix. Are you listening, Netflix? It will be interesting to learn what else is uncovered when all of the dust from the revelation settles down. If Tommy Muscatello's story is not turned into a documentary, it could be the inspiration for a scripted TV show. The story practically writes itself, although a documentary could dig in to learn more about the why surrounding the intrigue.

The royal wedding still has everyone talking thanks to its sweeping romance, and this news will almost certainly not put a damper on that in any way. Meghan Markle is a main American everyone is still buzzing about and rightfully so.

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