Dane Cook Had The Best Reaction To Being Referenced On Jeopardy

As one of the most recognizable faces and names in modern stand-up comedy, Dane Cook has put millions of people in stitches over the years. And though that usually happens when he's standing on a stage, Cook also utilizes social media to win over his faithful fanbase. Which is how we got to see his hilariously priceless reaction to being mentioned within a recent Jeopardy! clue that focused on the financial scandal involving his half-brother. Check out the comic's goofy video below.

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Just when Dane Cook (facetiously) thought he was going to get a half-hour of quizzical relaxation set to the tune of Alex Trebek's euphonious rhythms, Jeopardy! went and rendered him speechless and humorously perturbed. Considering Cook's manic and wordy style, that's a pretty mighty feat for the long-running game show to have accomplished.

Being name-checked for a Jeopardy! clue (or category) isn't exactly the rarest thing in the world for a celeb, considering pop culture is as big of a go-to subject for the game show as history or geography. (Hell, sometimes famed actors are the contestants themselves, without anyone being the wiser.) But it's still something of an honor, and it's always fun to see how the Clue Crew handles things. Unfortunately for Dane Cook, Jeopardy! didn't draw from his stand-up career specifically -- possibly by using "Savage Sphere" to reference his Vicious Circle tour and TV special -- but rather a very unfortunate extraneous matter involving his half-brother Darryl McCauley,

From the early 1990s through 2008, during the height of Dane Cook's career, Darryl McCauley served as his half-brother's business manager, but that relationship soured once Cook decided to seek new representation, and it was discovered that McCauley had for years been siphoning money from Cook and funding his own personal life, sometimes through bank transfers and sometimes through forged checks and other means. McCauley was arrested in December 2008, with his wife Erika getting arrested the next year. Since then, the comedian hasn't had any ground-shaking controversies along those lines, and he has apparently found closure on the matter, or else fans might not have gotten this bemused Twitter post.

Dane Cook, whose mini-clashes with Louis C.K. and others provided an interesting look into the world of joke-writing, would probably be a pretty fantastic guest on a future iteration of Celebrity Jeopardy! And now that the show has already gotten that McCauley clue out of the way, there's no worry about things getting uncomfortable if he ever appears. Unless there's a clue about Burger King's pickles, of course.

As it usually goes, Dane Cook is currently performing in different cities across the country (with some Canadian dates coming later this summer), so stay tuned to see when he'll be in a town near you. And Jeopardy! airs weekdays in syndication, so check your local listings to see when you can catch it next. While waiting for the fall season to return, check out our summer premiere schedule for a slew of new and exciting series on the way.

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