Two Former Law And Order Franchise Stars Are Teaming Up For A New Crime Drama

Two prominent alums Law and Order series are teaming up for a new project that could be a big win for fans of NBC's long-running crime franchise. Danny Pino of Law and Order: SVU and Chris Noth of the original Law and Order will join forces for a new crime drama at WGN America. The drama, called Gone, won't be just another Law and Order-esque show, however. Here's what we know.

Gone will follow Kit "Kick" Lannigan, who is a survivor of a child-abduction case that got a lot of attention from the press. She becomes determined not to ever become a vicim again and trains herself in physical combat and firearms. Kick finds a way to put her skills to good use when FBI Agent Frank Novak, who rescued her from her abduction, convinces her to join a special task force. This task force focuses on solving missing persons cases and abductions. With her particular understanding of how predators' minds work, Kick should be an asset to the team and her new partner, former Army intelligence officer John Bishop. The show is expected to debut in early 2019, although no exact date has been set at this point.

Chris Noth will play FBI Agent Frank Novak, and Danny Pino will tackle the role of John Bishop. In an interesting twist, Kick will be played by Leven Rambin, who had a significant role in a memorable episode of Law and Order: SVU as a high school student. Her time on SVU came during the Benson/Stabler era before Nick Amaro arrived, so she never actually shared the screen with Pino on the show, but it's a fun coincidence that the three biggest characters of Gone all appeared in the Law and Order franchise. If you didn't happen to catch that SVU episode back in 2007 on NBC or one of the many times it has aired as a repeat on USA, you might recognize Rambin from her role in Hunger Games, True Detective, and/or The Path.

Frank Novak sounds like a very different character from Mike Logan on Law and Order for Chris Noth, but Danny Pino may be able to draw upon his time as Nick Amaro to tackle the role of John Bishop. While a former Army intelligence officer doesn't exactly fit Nick's description, Nick did know a thing or two about partner dynamics. Fans of his from his SVU days may enjoy comparing his new character to his previous.

Gone is only one of the new crime series ordered by WGN America, although the other sounds very different. Jerry O'Connell stars in Carter as an actor playing a detective on a TV show up until an embarrassing public meltdown that forces him to return to him hometown. He begins to use his experience acting as a detective, working with his two best friends. Basically, Carter sounds like a combination of The Grinder and Castle. Carter also stars Sydney Poitier Heartsong (another alum of the Law and Order universe thanks to time on Chicago P.D.) and Kristian Bruun of Orphan Black. This show will premiere on August 7, so viewers will be able to watch Carter well before Gone.

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