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Once Upon a Time Dania Ramirez Cinderella

Dania Ramirez is sticking to fairy tales. The Once Upon a Time actress who played Cinderella in the series' seventh and final season has landed her next television show. Ramirez has signed on to star in the upcoming CBS All Access original series Tell Me a Story. Unlike Once Upon a Time, Tell Me a Story is putting a dark twist on fairy tales. Scream's Kevin Williamson penned the psychological thriller. So who will Ramirez be playing? Let's find out.

The actress has been cast as Hannah, an Army veteran who has returned home to New York City after sustaining emotional and physical scars from the war. In the midst of rebuilding her life, she gets a call from her estranged brother wanting help. She is then thrust into a "deadly chase for survival," according to Deadline. Based on the character description, it is difficult to guess which fairy tale Dania Ramirez's Hannah will be involved in.

The same thing has occurred with Paul Wesley's casting in the thriller. Both actors' character descriptions are detailed, just tricky to configure into the known fairy tales Tell Me a Story plans to tackle. Set in present-day New York City, the first season will chronicle the captivating and drama-filled intrigue that intertwines The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretel into a collective tale.

It will be fun to learn how the stories are linked. The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood both share a wolf as a common denominator. Given that the character description for Dania Ramirez's Hannah mentions a chase, could that hint at her being pursued by one? And if so, could that relate to how the three fairy tales will be entwined? Given that Hannah is involved in a storyline with her brother, could they be Hansel and Gretel? Hannah? Hansel? Time will tell if that is the case.

For now, Kim Cattrall and Danielle Campbell seem to be involved in the Little Red Riding Hood story. At least that is what their character descriptions hint at. With Dania Ramirez's role appearing to align with Hansel and Gretel, that leaves Paul Wesley's Eddie as the most mysterious character. Dania Ramirez joins a casting whirlwind that has seen Tell Me a Story take strong form this week. No premiere date has been set for the CBS All Access series, so stay tuned.

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