Paul McCartney's Carpool Karaoke Was A Super-Sized Trip Down Memory Lane

James Corden got Paul McCartney to step in for some Carpool Karaoke, and the result was a pretty comprehensive journey through the music legend's old haunts, including those mentioned in The Beatles' most beloved songs. Filmed in McCartney's hometown of Liverpool, England, he and Corden take turns behind the wheel as The Beatles and Wings trailblazer sings along to some of his greatest hits. See for yourself below:

The supersized clip uploaded to The Late Late Show with James Corden's YouTube lasts for well over twenty minutes, nearly hitting the twenty-five mark. The look on people's faces as they encounter Paul McCartney and James Corden is so sweet. And overall there is a really interactive element to this Carpool Karaoke. At one point, McCartney mentions that the last time he was there, no one had noticed him "at all." The cameras undoubtedly blew his cover this time around.

Thanks to the tour, fans get to see the places mentioned in The Beatles' songs. For many watching, it may be the first time they have gotten to lay eyes on the sites made famous landmarks thanks to the songs. Yes, you could have seen images of these places on Google Maps, at least from the outside. But there is something truly enchanting about seeing them with Paul McCartney as the tour guide. He gives charming and moving insights as only he could.

This Carpool Karaoke provides yet another insight into why Paul McCartney has had the successful career he has. In this footage alone, you get a strong sense of him as a sincere, passionate, and humble person. It is also neat to see James Corden's excitement over the surreal experience of going on such an immensely personal tour with the icon. While they sing in the car quite a bit, McCartney and Corden get a lot of opportunities to stretch their legs. And one standout moment involves a surprise performance in a pub.

Carpool Karaoke is known for its humor, but with Paul McCartney in both the passenger and driver's seat, it gets a chance to be reflective, poignant, and at times incredibly moving thanks to the sentimentality that charges so much of it. You have to tip your hat in amazement to those that planned the trip out. That was no easy feat, and the editor(s?) also did a great job of putting the footage together. When you have Paul McCartney on board, high hopes are going to be inextricably linked. Somehow, The Late Late Show managed to pull it off.

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Britt Lawrence

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