Watch An America's Got Talent Contortionist's Creepy AF Performance That Wowed The Judges

America's Got Talent is typically the best show on television to find people with unique talents that are sometimes weird, but very rarely horrifying. That changed recently when the show welcomed contortionist Troy James on the program to showcase his unique talent which looked innocent and then got creepy AF real quick. Luckily, James' performance was creepy in the entertaining sense as he wowed the judges and shocked the audience with his bizarre act:

Troy James went from a shy HR worker making an odd fashion statement with his three-piece spandex suit to a full-fledged demon that would have any priest throwing some holy water in his direction! James' contortionist act was certainly freaky to observe, especially when he used those bendy appendages to jump up on a footstool the same way a dog would. Take that and the dramatic rag-doll drop to the floor finish, and this is certainly not a guy you'd want to see in your dreams. Even America's Got Talent audience members who weren't necessarily scared of James had to wince watching him contort, as his flexibility would almost certainly break most others who tried to do the same thing.

James might be a fresh face to America's Got Talent, but Hollywood and even some oblivious viewers are no stranger to his contortionist act. Despite the fact that James works in human resources, he's also has a very healthy side gig that features some acting on television. Those who have watched The Strain, Shadowhunters, The Void, or Channel Zero have likely seen James in action, although may not recognize him due to the fact he's often playing a monster or demon. Nevertheless, he's there, and even more terrifying when he's displaying his unique flexibility in full makeup:

Troy James has also been featured on more television like America's Got Talent and recently did a very similar performance on Fox's Showtime At The Apollo. Neither performance highlighted some of James' other talents, such as his ability to turn his legs inside out or bend his fingers all the way back to touch the top of his hand, although some folks may be glad they didn't see either. That said, the audience seemed to be a fan of James' abilities, so hopefully his performance on America's Got Talent lands him even more work in Hollywood very soon. Too bad The Exorcist got cancelled before he could take his talents there!

America's Got Talent airs on NBC Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. The talent competition is just one of the many things television lovers can catch this summer, and those looking for more things to watch will find our summer premiere guide very helpful. For more America's Got Talent weirdness, be sure to check out another creepy but not all that chilling performance from a recent performer known as Sethward The Caterpillar. For something a little less traumatizing, check out this death-defying stunt woman!

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