Watch America's Got Talent's Caterpillar Man Flash The Judges In Super Weird Act

It's never easy to guess what's going to happen in an episode of America's Got Talent, and Season 13 has already gotten pretty wild with some of the acts that have made it to the main stage. The latest episode featured some impressive dancing, more than one fabulous singer, and even a virtual reality demonstration to delight viewers, but it also featured what has to go down as one of the weirdest acts in America's Got Talent history. A man with a spectacular handlebar mustache dressed up like a caterpillar and wound up flashing the judges. Prepare yourself for something deeply bizarre and take a look!

Come on, Sethward the Caterpillar! There are children in the audience! And adults! And judges! And viewers at home who are definitely not going to ever look at caterpillars the same way ever again! It was clear from the first moment that Sethward came squealing and moaning out onto the stage to fall flat on his caterpillar side that this act was going to be something entirely new. His accent is truly impossible to label as something other than "enthusiastic caterpillar," and his glee is only matched by the judges' dismay and confusion before he even got to the flashing. At least Heidi Klum can now brag that a caterpillar man has called her beautiful. That's... something.

Things only got weirder after Sethward revealed that he'd come to America's Got Talent on his "big day." The boos didn't discourage him from announcing that he'd be back in two weeks, burrowing down into his sleeping bag-esque caterpillar body, and emerging in a chrysalis with butterfly wings poking out of the back. I'm definitely a different person than I was before I heard Sethward moan "It's so warm in here!" during his metamorphosis, and not really in a good way. The big moment of flashing came after he got an X from each of the four judges. He emerged from the remnants of his chrysalis with -- as Heidi Klum delicately put it -- a hole in his stockings. Yes, Sethward the Caterpillar totally flashed the America's Got Talent judges with a hole in the stockings of his butterfly costume.

While wardrobe malfunctions are always a risk when it comes to stage performances, we can probably safely say that this was no accident. Sethward was far from embarrassed or even apologetic when the judges and audience realized what exactly had happened. His cry of "You made me come out too early!" is a pretty good indication that the flashing was deliberate, which makes it even weirder. On the upside, we can thank Sethward's appearance for motivating Mel B. to ask Howie Mandel what caterpillars turn into. Oh, America's Got Talent. First you give us the dirty dancing senior citizens, and now we get Sethward. What next?

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Laura Hurley
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