Watch America's Got Talent's Female Daredevil In Incredible Exploding Coffin Act

Every episode of America's Got Talent delivers plenty of mind-blowing, heart-stopping, and spine-tingling acts as contestants risk life and limb in pursuit of a golden buzzer and the million dollar prize. The latest episode featured an acrobatic act in which one of the acrobats suffers from an eye condition that limits his sight, a couple of powerhouse singers, and one guy who got naked for an unconventional teacup and tablecloth trick. The most mind-blowing act of the night, however, has to be Annaliese Nock and her exploding coffin. The female daredevil decided to go bigger and more dangerous than daredevils who have come before her, and the result is as exhilarating as it is terrifying. Take a look!

Let it not be said that Annaliese Nock is afraid to do the kind of acts that even make her famed daredevil dad nervous! Determined to show that women can be daredevils just as incredibly as men, the 21-year-old Nock decided she would go for something bigger and better than what her father, famed daredevil Bello Nock, tried on America's Got Talent in the past. The judges clearly remembered Bello Nock's stunt when he fired himself out of a cannon over the top of a helicopter, so they knew they had to expect something epic from his daughter if she wanted to go bigger.

Annaliese Nock didn't shy away from acknowledging how incredibly dangerous it is to climb into a box that will be blown up by six sticks of dynomite. Her "Exploding Coffin" act could have easily killed her -- or anybody in the vicinity if they got too close -- if worse came to worst. Fortunately, given that America's Got Talent wasn't airing this episode live, viewers could be confident that nobody was seriously injured or killed in the Exploding Coffin, as surely NBC wouldn't air gruesome footage as part of its fun summer primetime lineup.

Via voiceover, Annaliese Nock revealed that she'd be doing a bigger explosion than she ever attempted before with this Exploding Coffin. The fire department and paramedics were on site in case something went very wrong, and bystanders were given earplugs to protect their hearing. Everybody looked pretty nervous, including Annaliese and her father. After all, if she exhaled at the wrong moment, her lungs could implode. The Exploding Coffin is about as far from last week's Caterpillar Man act as imaginable!

Luckily for everybody, the act went off without a hitch. Annaliese Nock emerged from the wreckage of the box alive, well, and on her way to the next round of competition. She'll probably have to get even more daring and dangerous in her next performance, so be sure to tune in to see.

New episodes of America's Got Talent air on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. For more viewing options now and in the coming weeks, check out our summer TV premiere schedule.

Laura Hurley
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