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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Lauren Pesce Marriage Boot Camp WE tv

Season 1 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation was pretty wild, but it appears Season 2 is going to make it look tame in comparison. Ronnie has more drama, Deena is having a baby, and now Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has dropped the bombshell that the upcoming season will feature his wedding to his fiancée Lauren Pesce. Sitch dropped the news on Twitter by responding to a curious fan wanting to know if the event will be televised:

The Situation certainly surprised Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans with the news, as no reports have surfaced that showed the two tied the knot during the filming of Season 2. Of course, fans knew marriage was coming as Season 1 featured Mike proposing to Lauren Pesce in the scenic backyard of the Miami shore house in view of all of his fellow cast members. We're assuming the gang was along for the ceremony as well, provided Situation is saying the wedding already happened and the ceremony isn't some future upcoming special episode that will pair up with Season 2.

The Situation and Lauren Pesce revealed prior to his Twitter news that they would like to have a televised marriage in Italy and have a big reception with friends and family in Jersey. Unfortunately, the ruling on The Situation's court case was pushed back to September, which likely meant leaving the country was a no-go during the filming of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2. That said the cast spent a good chunk of time filming in Las Vegas, which is notorious for its quick and discreet weddings, so it's possible that the two did a ceremony there.

A Las Vegas wedding may be a far cry from a wedding in Italy, but it's possible the couple wanted to exchange vows before The Situation is formally sentenced for his tax evasion case in September. The reality star is facing a hefty fine as well as some jail time for his wrongdoings, although he's been optimistic he won't end up going to jail. If he does, it appears as though he'll already have a wifey to wait on him for when he's back on the outside.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation will return to MTV for Season 2 in August. There's plenty of other great television shows coming out in the meantime, so be sure to head over to our summer premiere guide and see what's coming up.