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yvette nicole brown talking dead

Pop culture stalwart Chris Hardwick recently came under fire after his ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra went public with accusations that Hardwick was sexually abusive and over-controlling through their relationship. Though he wasn't specifically named in Dykstra's allegations, Hardwick was quickly identified, and was subsequently removed from both his yearly moderator gigs at San Diego Comic-Con, as well as from his various AMC chat shows. It was soon announced that fellow TV superfan Yvette Nicole Brown would be taking over Hardwick's panels at Comic-Con, which had many assuming she was also slotted to take over Talking Dead and the rest. But the actress appears to have shot those assumptions down.

Yvette Nicole Brown and Chris Hardwick have been friends for years, and the Community vet has been showing up on Talking Dead to wax comedically about the zombie drama since its second season, and that stint includes the episodes following both Fear the Walking Dead and the flagship series. Granted, that's part of why she's considered perfecto to guide AMC's after-shows in the first place, but the pair's strong friendship is part of the reason why she isn't gunning for the hosting position. (Assuming Hardwick will permanently remain clear of the shows.)

For a second point in her tweet, Yvette Nicole Brown brings up the fact that she's not exactly in need of a steady job, since she has been in dozens of TV series and films in the past few years. From starring roles in the now-cancelled The Odd Couple and The Mayor to appearances in Mom and Unsolved to voice acting roles in a ton of animated series, such as DC Super Hero Girls, Bunnicula, Elena of Avalor and more. Which doesn't even include her frequent appearances on non-scripted shows, from AMC's own Unapologetic with Aisha Tyler to The View to To Tell the Truth. Sure, Talking Dead might be a less stressful gig by most means, but she's gotta have some free time somewhere.

And in the end, Yvette Nicole Brown would really just prefer for this entire ordeal to be figured out accordingly. But whichever way it goes, she is rising above all of the chatter with her character fully intact, and apparently won't be vying for any Talking Dead hosting duties for the future.

Yvette Nicole Brown is currently filming the movie Love & Oatmeal, and is part of the cast set for Diablo Cody's small screen project titled Most Likely To. And you can presumably catch Talking Dead following the midseason premiere of Fear the Walking Dead on Sunday, August 12, at 9:00 p.m. ET. To see what'll be hitting primetime before and after that point, head to our summer premiere schedule.