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Kevin Smith's Hollyweed TV Show Is Finally Making Its Way To Fans Soon

Kevin Smith might still be a little bummed that Comic Book Men was cancelled by AMC, although one wouldn't know it based off his excitement in a recent Instagram post. The famed director took to the social media platform to inform fans that another project he's had sitting on the back burner, Hollyweed, is finally making its way to fans very soon. Smith shared some additional details about the show, as well as a side-by-side photo which really accentuates his recent weight loss:

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As Kevin Smith mentioned, the pilot for Hollyweed has existed since 2016. The plot of the project will appear to be the same as the original concept first talked about by Smith in 2016 with some added footage that required some reshoots in the present day. Smith promised Instagram followers and fans the reshot footage works well, despite the fact that co-stars Jay Mewes, Donnell Rawlings, Ralph Garman and Frankie Shaw may look a bit different. Of course, none of those actors are going to look as changed as Smith, who underwent a massive lifestyle change following a major heart attack in early 2018.

Kevin Smith's caption ended in a somewhat cryptic fashion, as he said more information would be released regarding how to watch Hollyweed later this week. We can speculate this pilot isn't airing on a major television network considering there's only one announced episode at the moment, although it could be possible a network airs it as a one-off presentation and then brings it to series down the stretch. Streaming or YouTube seems like a more plausible avenue for Smith's project, which follows two men looking to get into the budding weed dispensary business and get rich. The only person who knows where Hollyweed is landing right now is Smith, who updated his Twitter with a promotional video and said the announcement would be coming sometime next week:

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Kevin Smith has always been fond of marijuana in his films, and with the director recently crediting weed to being one of the factors that saved his life, it only seems fitting he's working towards bringing Hollyweed to his fans. Smith's career has almost been as equally relevant to stoner culture as he has been geek culture, so potheads and straight edge fans alike will surely tune into the episode regardless of where it lands.

Those waiting for Hollyweed to drop can in the meantime check out our summer premiere guide and find lots of shows to occupy their time with. For more on Kevin Smith and his various takes on geek culture, check out the director's crazy thoughts regarding Christian Bale as Batman, and how he was playing chess when we all were playing checkers in regards to DC's plans with its superhero films.

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