Arrow's Black Canary Shares Awesome Photo From Set Of Season 7

Arrow is starting off Season 7 with Oliver Queen behind bars, and while one can imagine viewers will be spending a good deal of time watching the Green Arrow navigate life on the inside, it's apparently not all that will be happening. At least, that's what fans can infer from this awesome set photo from Juliana Harkavy, which the actress posted to her Twitter not too long ago:

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Juliana Harkavy's picture shows that the rest of the vigilantes aren't going to lie down just because Oliver got a life sentence for his "crimes." After all, Star City will undoubtedly still need protection while Queen is locked away, especially with Ricardo Diaz still on the loose. Harkavy's Canary looks up to the task of kicking ass in her Twitter photo, minus the fact she's donning some colorful tennis shoes that clash with the Black Canary ensemble. Even so, they might be a bit more comfortable compared to what she usually wears out in the field, although heroes don't always seem to pick function over fashion in the Arrow-verse.

Fans are left guessing who exactly Black Canary is all dressed up to fight, however, as Season 7's big villain is still under wraps. Stephen Amell revealed that at least one new villain will have beef while locked away in prison, but that doesn't really explain why Canary would be suited up in this picture. Clearly, Arrow is also going to have some villains for Juliana Harkavy as well as the rest of the characters to go to war against. Of course, it's always possible Harkavy's scene comes from a part where Oliver is out of prison, although Amell has been hinting lately that the Green Arrow may be locked up longer than fans may think.

If Oliver is still behind bars and unable to help, Dinah shouldn't have trouble finding more allies to come to her aide. The heroine seems to have squashed her beef with Black Siren and still has a bulk of the Team Arrow roster to call upon should any villain prove too challenging. She'll also have the added support of Roy Harper, who will be coming back to Arrow as a series regular when Season 7 kicks off. That should be enough heroes to successfully topple any threat that comes to town, although we've learned never to underestimate any Arrow villain's ability to destroy Star City.

Arrow returns to The CW for Season 7 Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Many fans are excited to see the Arrow-verse series back in the lineup closer to other hero shows, although others have raised some complaints about the restrictive nature of the time slot. Read up about that and then head over to our superhero premiere guide to find some more hero shows, or check out our summer premiere guide to see what's up with television in general over the next couple months.

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