Arrow's Stephen Amell Is Already Shooting Down Season 7 Rumors

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The Season 7 premiere of Arrow is still months away, and few details are currently available about what fans can expect after the incredible Season 6 finale ending that saw Oliver locked up for his vigilante actions, Team Arrow split up, and Quentin Lance dead. While the cast undoubtedly has to keep a tight lid on spoilers over hiatus, star Stephen Amell is already debunking rumors on social media. When a social media account reported -- seemingly as fact -- that Oliver will be behind bars for three episodes of the new season, Amell hit Twitter to post this:

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The rumor came courtesy of the account on Instagram, which is apparently in no way officially affiliated with DC Comics, Warner Bros. TV, or any other party that would actually have provided solid information about Arrow Season 7. The post didn't cite a source, although Stephen Amell was tagged. Stephen Amell didn't beat around the bush in debunking the rumor; instead, he posted a simple "False" on Twitter.

There we have it! Although Stephen Amell didn't explicitly say that Oliver will be in the clink for more or less than three episodes, he was clear that the report from is not accurate, which hopefully will stop fans from forming elaborate theories about how and why Oliver gets out of prison in that span of time. Even if the show is seemingly keeping a tight lid on spoilers at this point in hiatus, Amell settled the matter of the claim that Oliver will be in prison for three episodes.

Honestly, given that tagged Stephen Amell and didn't cite a source for the claim that "Oliver Will Be In Prison For 3 Episodes In Arrow Season 7," I have to wonder what the point of the post actually was. If the purpose was to try and get attention from the star of the show, mission accomplished, but getting his attention by tagging him in a post spreading unverified information probably wasn't the way to win him over.

In case you're surprised that Stephen Amell would deny the rumor on Twitter when the rumor was originally posted on Instagram, he did actually debunk on Instagram as well, and the went so far as to screenshot his comment and make a second post. Take a look!

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That's a surprisingly forthright response to the star of the show coming out and stating that the account was spreading false information. I was taken aback at the response from the account that the person who posted "wasn't sure" before putting the claim out onto social media. Points for honesty? The caption on the response to Amell states that the "source was wrong," so there evidently was a source of some sort.

We may never know the exact circumstances that led to the post and Stephen Amell's subsequent denial, but at least we can continue our Arrow speculations without taking Oliver spending three days in prison as fact. If you're now in the mood for some Arrow, you can find all six seasons streaming on Netflix. Arrow Season 7 will premiere in the fall in a new time slot on a new night (with some potential restrictions), which you can find on The CW's fall schedule. For some shows to watch in the meantime, check out our summer TV premiere guide.

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