Mel B Isn't Sure If She'll Be Back For America's Got Talent

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Mel B has been a part of the America's Got Talent judges team for quite a while, although it's looking possible that her ride on the show could be coming to an end. The pop star indicated she isn't sure whether or not she'll return to the series during recent court proceedings of her divorce with her ex, Stephen Belafonte:

I am currently a judge on the NBC television show, America's Got Talent. I am currently in contract until the end of October 2018. I do not know if I will be asked back as a Judge on America's Got Talent or if they will renew my contract.

Mel B (real name Melanie Janine Brown) alleged that she has not been told whether or not she'll still be with the America's Got Talent judges team following the end of this year, which may be a sign her tenure on the talent series is at an end. Mel's mentioning of her status on the show in court stemmed from her concern regarding immense fees the couple owe on taxes, which she fears she won't be able to pay if she loses her gig on the show. As of now, Mel B's job appears to be safe as Season 13 of America's Got Talent is set to run through September.

Mel B's statements in court (via The Blast) may strictly be founded on the grounds her contract on the show is up for renewal, although rumors have circulated in the past year that America's Got Talent is interested in replacing the former Spice Girl. It's been said Mel's messy and very public divorce has been an issue, although other rumors have alleged Mel B's behavior behind-the-scenes towards cast and crew may also be a factor. Fans may remember the judge had an altercation with her co-star Simon Cowell on camera last season, although that potentially scripted smackdown really only scratches the surface of problems the pop star has had over the past year.

America's Got Talent top brass has not been afraid to drop talent from its series in the past. Many will remember executives wanted to fire former host Nick Cannon after a joke he made during a stand up special, which ultimately resulted in Cannon exiting the program anyway. Opting out of a contract renewal is far less messy than publicly firing a star, so if the reported rumors about executives' thoughts on Mel B are true, it seems more likely than not that NBC would sooner drop her from the program than risk having to fire her if something more scandalous happens.

America's Got Talent is in season and currently airing on NBC Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Summer television can be a bit of a drag compared to other seasons, although our summer premiere guide is stocked with interesting shows that will keep viewers hooked until fall season begins again. Check that out and take a look at this creepy ass contortionist who will make your joints ache just watching him!

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