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Big Brother has named its first live evictee and the shocked houseguest eliminated from Season 20 was none other than Steve Arienta. Now that he is off the show, and surprised to be so, Arienta is weighing in on who he thinks will walk away as the winner to claim the season's $500,000 grand prize. When asked his opinion on what this season of Big Brother will be the summer of and which side he believes will walk away victorious, Arienta replied:

The summer of the beasts! You've got two competing factions in that house that are going to go toe-to-toe. You've got Fess and Swaggy and the bros, and I can't wait to see the missiles that are going to be fired back and forth. . . . Swaggy and Fess have the athletic talent to win, and the bros have a little bit more strategy of how they'll play. But Scottie is going to come out of the blue, riding in the end and win it. He's an awesome strategist, a great guy and loyal to the bone.

Can you think of a better person to predict the winner of Big Brother than an evictee? Steve Arienta has been there and witnessed the action first-hand so his thoughts should be pretty sound. And he broke down his reasoning to THR with some equally compelling observations about his former fellow contestants. When you are around people as much as the Big Brother houseguests are, they should be able to form a pretty good idea of how their fellow contestants work.

With Steve Arienta predicting Scottie as the dark horse, who will win it all, viewers will have to be on the lookout to see if Scottie's strategy pays off. Arienta has a point regarding two factions possibly cancelling each other out, making way for a third-party such as Scottie to step into the gap and end up with the cash. Arienta went on to say that if he had to choose the houseguests with the next best shot at winning, he would select Sam and Angela.

Fans will find out how Steve Arienta's predictions stack up as Big Brother Season 20 continues. Now he is on the outside looking in at the Big Brother house, just like viewers. Albeit with what is likely an enhanced perspective on what to expect. It would be interesting to hear if his original predictions end up changing as the season progresses. If they do, it will be through the prism of television and not hands-on experience, which is arguably the best source for these kinds of predictions.

Based on who Steve Arienta believes to have the best chance at winning Season 20, his predictions would put Scottie, Sam, and Angela in the final three. Given how reasoned out Arienta's predictions are, taking into consideration houseguests' social, athletic, and strategic acumen, he may be onto something. In the end, Season 20 may all come down to strategy, and according to Steve Arienta, Scottie has that covered in spades. Viewers will just have to keep watching to find out if Arienta's predictions come true.

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