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Eve Polastri Sandra Oh Killing Eve BBC America

Six-time nominee Sandra Oh is no stranger to the Primetime Emmy Awards, but the actress achieved something truly special with her latest nod. Oh is nominated this year for the category of Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series, which is her first nomination in the category in her career. It's also a milestone for the awards show, as Oh became the first Asian woman to get a nomination in the category in the Emmys' long history.

Sandra Oh's nomination came from her performance as Eve Polastri on the widely acclaimed and record-breaking BBC America series Killing Eve. As mentioned, Oh has been nominated for an Emmy five times in the past, all of which for Best Supporting Actress and her character Cristina Yang on Grey's Anatomy. The breakout success of Killing Eve paired with Oh's prominence in television certainly make her a strong contender for the 2018 award for Best Actress In A Dramatic Series, although it's worth mentioning Oh is part of what is arguably the most competitive category this year.

Sandra Oh's performance in Killing Eve is certainly award-worthy, but this year had some especially strong performances from lead actresses. 2017 winner Elisabeth Moss is back in the mix fresh on the heels of an incredibly tense and emotional Season 2 finale of The Handmaid's Tale, and Evan Rachel Wood is up for the win after shouldering a significant chunk of Westworld Season 2 on her shoulders. Tatiana Maslany won the award back in 2016, and Claire Foy and Keri Russell are both prior recipients of the nomination for the same roles they're up for this year. In short, Oh is the newcomer in a category of women who have been battling for this honor for years, which could certainly play into a voter's decision.

Sandra Oh isn't too concerned with the outcome at the moment, as the actress told THR she's thrilled to be nominated on just about every level. Oh said she's not just thrilled for herself and the show, but for fans who feel the milestone is a step forward for Asian representation:

I feel quite serious about it. What's a blend of the words seriousness and joyous? I'm absolutely thrilled. I feel my community at all times; I am my community at all times. I have joy not only for the show and myself and family, but also for my community. Hopefully my community can feel like they have representation, as well.

Killing Eve fans now have something else to celebrate beyond its Season 2 renewal, although we're kind of miffed Jodie Comer didn't get an Emmy nomination as well. The series can currently be viewed via On-Demand services, and on Hulu sometime later this year. For some information about original shows headed to streaming, visit our Netflix and Amazon premiere guides. Those just wanting to see what television will be premiering on the road to the Emmys, check out our summer premiere guide.

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