The Biggest Snubs From 2018 Primetime Emmy Nominations

The 2018 Emmy nominations field was pretty standard in many ways, with a lot of the year's expected and deserved nominees entering the fray. But, as is the case every time nominations are announced, a large number of worthy shows and actors were ultimately left off the list, to the dismay of many. Among those left off the ballot were some celebrated performances from otherwise nominated shows, one highly egregious absence, and other snubs from series that continue to be met with the cold shoulder. These are CinemaBlend's picks.

Game of Thrones Emilia Clarke Daenerys

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Game of Thrones' Leads Are Missing In Action

While Game of Thrones cleaned up in terms of overall nominations, its leading cast members did not meet with similar fortunes. Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington were both left off the ballot, despite delivering the performances that proved tantamount to believing in Season 7's most memorable moments. Whether it was Clarke's Daenerys looking on as her beloved dragon was killed, or Harington's Jon Snow fighting a swarm of White Walkers, they sold all the fantastical moments with as much believability possible. So how did the Emmys miss that?

Counterpart And J.K. Simmons Got Robbed

Each year's drama race could seemingly be the tighest one yet, but 2018 started off already looking like a surefire lock for Starz's mind-warping drama Counterpart to make some major noise at the Emmys. But despite featuring an endlessly interesting central concept, brought to life by meticulous script-writing, Justin Marks' twisty chaos did not get recognized by the TV Academy. Which might have been forgiven had series star J.K. Simmons been recognized for his uncanny talents in the dual roles of Howard Stark, but Simmons also got denied. I bet he would have gotten nominated in Prime Earth's Emmys, though.

Alias Grace Sarah Gadon

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Where's Alias Grace?

Netflix's miniseries adaptation of Margaret Atwood's novel has it all. There is the searing lead performance by actress Sarah Gadon that keeps you guessing about Grace's true nature as either the innocently accused or as the diabolical strategist. The eerie direction of American Psycho helmer Mary Harron, and the dialogue-laden script adaptation by Sarah Polley, only add to the show's many rich layers, which should have been enough to get some recognition from the TV Academy.

The Blacklist Red Reddington James Spader

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No Love for The Blacklist

In the crime drama's fifth season, Megan Boone gave her greatest performances to date as Liz dealt with the harrowing consequences of the season's most significant death. Her performances in Episode 8 and 9 alone were enough to prove that case. And Boone wowed fans while holding her own opposite James Spader, as he delivered another splendid performance as Red that was equal parts humorous and dramatic. Spader's turn as the enigmatic Reddington keeps the show's most shocking twists eternally grounded, and that merits recognition. So where was it?

No Killing Eve's Jodie Comer, For Real?

The fact that Killing Eve didn't get nominated for Outstanding Drama was a bit of a blow, considering those eight episodes were some of the most effectively crafted in years, but not altogether unexpected. However, to nominate the absolutely deserving Sandra Oh for portraying Eve means Jodie Comer's similarly perfecto portrayal of the id-driven killer Villanelle should have gotten the same recognition, but it didn't. Even if they had to finagle it to make her a Supporting Actress, it would have been that much more acceptable than for Comer's brilliance to be ignored altogether.

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