Watch The Muppets Awesomely Spoof All 13 Doctor Who Time Lords

The Muppets were in London for a star-studded performance of the live show The Muppets Take The O2, and they certainly did everything in their felt-covered power to win the hearts of their British crowds. This included a couple of duets with Kylie Minogue, a tribute to David Bowie, and a skit that featured the Muppets awesomely spoofing all 13 variations of Doctor Who's central Time Lord. Check out the fun video below!

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The moment began when Pigs in Space's Captain Link Hogthrob regenerated into Sam Eagle, who was dressed in a similar fashion to Doctor Who's first Doctor, who was played by actor William Hartnell. From there, each regeneration cycled through a different Muppet dressed as another Doctor, from Fozzy Bear as Tom Baker's troubled Doctor to Rizzo the Rat's cheeky nod to Christopher Eccleston's leather-clad Doctor. The skit cycled through each incarnation of the Doctor until Miss Piggy decided to stick with a clone of herself dressed to look just like the show's upcoming female Doctor, portrayed by Jodie Whittaker.

As the video showed, The Muppets' wink to the audience acknowledging Doctor Who was enough to excite the crowd, but they weren't done yet. The stage show upped the ante of the sketch by featuring actor David Tennant live on stage and all dolled up again as the franchise's beloved Tenth Doctor. Tennant popped in late in the sketch's run, and helped close things out with one of his most memorable catchphrases from Doctor Who:

Tennant also appeared in the show later on to join the cast, the various guest stars, and the audience for a rousing rendition of "Rainbow Connection." His appearance in the Doctor Who sketch may be the closest fans get to a David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who team up for now, although the actor's thoughts on what Whittaker will bring to the role have us wondering if he'll eventually team up with his former Broadchurch co-star sooner rather than later. The world will be waiting until then, and probably watching this sketch on repeat until Season 11 premieres.

Doctor Who returns to BBC America for Season 11 this fall. The show might as well have a Muppet as a character at this point given the various changes that have taken place in the offseason, although perhaps things aren't quite that comedically dramatic. For more on the U.K. mainstay, be sure to check out the first sneak peek of Season 11, and the recent news regarding this upcoming season that has some fans breathing a bit more easily. For dates on upcoming television shows, visit our summer premiere guide.

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