Those Braces Alex Hogh Andersen Wears On History's Vikings Are Super Intense

Ivar Vikings Alex Hogh Andersen
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If you watch Vikings, then you know that the role of Ivar the Boneless is pretty intense. The guy is mad for power and, honestly, exceedingly unhinged. And while that sounds pretty emotionally draining, the role of Ivar has also been a physically intense one and, as it turns out, Ivar's braces have not made it less so. Opening up on the experience of working with the braces Ivar wears on the History series at Vikings' SDCC 2018 panel, his portrayer Alex Høgh Andersen said:

We also just keep them on for 10 hours straight and I can't quite bend my legs. [They weigh] 25 pounds, something like that I think... Every single time that it's a challenge and it's heartbreak, that's when it gets fun. I mean I'm sorry Michael [Hirst], I'm a little tired of just sitting down and talking a lot of the time, so it's fun, as weird as it sounds, to crawl through horseshit. So, it's great fun and it's a great character. Michael's done such a great job spoiling me with a phenomenal character and a great storyline.

As many of us may have guessed, being an actor is not always fun and games. But, who would have guessed that Ivar's braces weighed that much? Such is the magic of the screen. Something that we might see being lifted up which supposedly weighs a ton does not, but something that some many believe to be lighter is much more substantial than one could have imagined. Thankfully for Vikings, Alex Høgh Andersen has a great attitude about all that portraying Ivar entails.

Based on the trailer Vikings released during SDCC for the second half of Season 5, fans can only expect Ivar to become even more psychopathic as the season continues. That is likely a draining aspect for Alex Høgh Andersen to tap into, as well. In truth, Ivar is one of those rare roles that is probably as difficult to pull off emotionally as it is physically. At the panel, which CinemaBlend's Jessica Rawden attended, the cast discussed the physical aspects of the show.

Despite the physical intensity of portraying the character; Alex Høgh Andersen expressed his appreciation for getting to play the role. And, it is thanks to Andersen's no holds barred performance as Ivar that Vikings has one of the most brutal villains currently on television. Vikings viewers are not the only ones who are impressed by Andersen's dedication to the role. His co-star Georgia Hirst, who plays Torvi and is the daughter of Vikings' creator Michael Hirst, shared her perspective on what Anderson takes on playing Ivar, saying:

I will say, Alex on set has a lot of physicality he has to do playing Ivar, but he always has a smile on his face, he's such a trooper and such an athlete.

It sounds like there will be a lot on the making-of portion of the next Vikings DVD. A great deal has changed since grown-up Ivar made his debut on the drama. At one point, Ivar had to crawl using only his arms to pull himself around. Then he got into a specially designed chariot created by Floki, which Ivar then rode into a ferocious battle. Now, he has his leg braces. So, it sort of goes without saying that he has benefitted from the technology that has been given to him.

Find out if the ruthless Ivar remains unstoppable when Vikings continues. The second half of Vikings' fifth season, a.k.a. Season 5B, premieres November 28 on History. For new television shows to watch while you wait for the return of Vikings, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres. For more about Vikings, check out the show's official site.

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