Jeopardy Is Finally Available For Streaming, But It's Not All Good News

alex trebek jeopardy on hulu

As one of television's longest-running game shows, Jeopardy! has been a major part of audience's lives for well over 30 years. The quizzical series is getting a truly modern advancement by entering the world of TV streaming for the first time as part of a deal between the online giant Hulu and Sony Pictures Television. While more Alex Trebek in our lives is never a bad thing, especially when he may be leaving the show soon, the Hulu deal does have a sizable caveat: only a select number of episodes are available, and they're not exactly current.

Jeopardy! has long been a staple of syndication, and while many have used VCRs and DVRs to bypass live viewings in the past, 2018 is the year when we can finally just pull up random Jeopardy! episodes at will on whatever streaming device is handy. Hulu subscribers can currently stream 60 episodes from past seasons, and according to the deal, the lineup will be regularly refreshed with other popular installments. It wasn't made clear if Hulu will add more content or if everything will just get swapped out, but I'm definitely hoping to eventually see all 7,000+ Trebek-era episodes up on there at once.

Understandably, Hulu chose some of the more noteworthy episodes from past years for Jeopardy!'s big streaming debut. Of the 60 that are available, we have 25 from Season 29, including the full runs of the Tournament of Champions, the College Championships and Kids Week. The 25 offerings from Season 30 is the champion-filled Battle of the Decades, with favorite contestants like super-genius Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. And the final ten are Season 31's Tournament of Champions. Regular viewers will see a lot of familiar faces, and will probably get stumped by some familiar categories, though sadly none of the more recent escapades will be seen.

Speaking of familiar faces, check out the announcement video Hulu put together.

Hulu had good reason to bring Jeopardy! to its content library, too. The company strives to bring as wide a variety of popular programming to customers as possible, and Jeopardy! has been among the Top 5 broadcast shows for Hulu's live TV service, which had upwards of 800,000 subscribers by the end of 2017. There was no reason to phrase anything in the form of a question when the answer was so obvious.

Jeopardy! is currently on hiatus between seasons, with Season 35 starting up on September 10, 2018. Catch up with daily reruns in syndication by checking your local listings for times and channels. And while waiting for the Clue Crew's next bit of cleverness, head to our fall premiere schedule.

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