See What Real-Life Homer Simpson Could Look Like, And Try Not To Have Nightmares

One of the world's most famous families is definitely the yellow-tinted clan at the heart of The Simpsons, who have been winning over animation fans for almost 30 years. In that time, many viewers have pondered what those characters would look like as real people, and one particular fan has put together a 3D model of Homer's head that will almost certainly give anyone with a spine an awkward, escalating chill. Take a deep breath and get to staring.

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Care to offer first impressions? Or have you ever stopped cowering in a corner yet? We can wait.

Okay, now that everyone is approaching a semblance of calm again, let's discuss this ghastly mass of pixels. Might as well start from the top -- much like King Zøg of Matt Groening's new animated comedy Disenchantment -- since that's probably the most normal and photogenic element of the design; except for maybe the ears, since those are surprisingly average-looking. Twitter user and digital artist Miguel Vasquez did a fine job of crafting Homer's lacking hairline, from the tuft on top to the rest. Could have used a more prominent "M" in that shaping, but it's solid.

Now let's talk about those eyes and that nose. I can't really look at those peepers without cringing, as I'm just picturing flecks of dust and dirt flying into them on a windy day. Or even a bug or two. And as big as that nose is, its round bulbousness is not doing a thing to deflect any potential eyeball bugs. The one thing I'm thankful for here is that the artist didn't make Homer's eyes appear to be the same size in the profile shot, they usually are in animated form. That kind of visual terror could only be cured with a prescription from Dr. Duffman.

Finally, we have Homer's signature 5 o'clock shadow beard scruff and his notably lip-free mouth. That kind of look wouldn't translate so well to live-action, so Miguel Vasquez offered up some fairly realistic-looking stubble and a pair of lips that would probably look more at home on Janice the Muppet. That bulky part of the face is really where real-world Homer brings in the neanderthal vibes, and it looks like his mouth capacity could challenge that of a pelican.

Longtime fans of The Simpsons no doubt remember when the show itself decided to port the Simpson family into the real world for a special couch gag opening. First airing back in Season 17 for the Ricky Gervais-penned episode "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife," and then subsequently getting replaced by another opening sequence, the live-action couch gag can be seen below.

So what did you guys think? Is this look worth building a "live-action" franchise off of in the future? Should the second movie eschew the normal aesthetic for something more authentic? Let us know, and stay tuned for The Simpsons record-breaking Season 30, which will debut on Fox on Sunday, September 30, at 8:00 p.m. ET. And head to our fall premiere schedule to see all the new and returning shows that'll pop up before then.

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