What Matt Smith Thinks About Jodie Whittaker Taking Over Doctor Who

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Jodie Whittaker will be taking over the iconic role of the Doctor this fall, and while not everyone is thrilled about that, many who have been involved in the Doctor Who franchise are pumped. Most of the show's high profile stars have publicly endorsed Doctor Who's decision to change the Doctor's gender for Season 11, saying they think Whittaker will do a great job in the role. Former Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith is the latest to add his name to the list of Whittaker enthusiasts, sharing his support and excitement for her upcoming portrayal. In his words:

She'll be brilliant. I think she's got great humor but a real depth and sort of pathos and humanity that I think will lend itself to the character. I'm really excited as a fan, actually. Game on!

Matt Smith had nothing but kind words for Jodie Whittaker, and even added that he's excited from a fan perspective to see her portray the time-honored character. Smith added that he thinks some of Whittaker's acting and personality traits are already aligned with the character's, which is a sentiment he shares with another former Doctor, David Tennant. Both men may know the modern Doctor's headspace better than most, as they're the most tenured Doctors to have graced the program since its reboot back in 2005. And both have often spoken about the unique role of playing the Doctor, so if Tennant and Smith are able to agree on the fundamental things that will make Whittaker so interesting to watch on Doctor Who, then surely even the divided fans will come together and agree once they see her in action in Season 11.

Matt Smith's support of Jodie Whittaker had already been assumed even before he confirmed it to Variety, since he'd spoken fondly about the franchise after her casting without speaking ill opinions. Smith even admitted he'd be up for a return to Doctor Who at some point in the future, with the caveat that he'd want to wait a few years to let Whittaker get accustomed to her new role. That probably won't change soon, considering Smith is busy with Star Wars, and will likely be too held up to commit to any DW appearances in the meantime.

Doctor Who has been known to team up various incarnations of the Doctor in the past, although it's hard to say if Chris Chibnall will allow for the same sort of zaniness considering the massive changes he's made to the franchise. But if anyone would be welcomed into Number Thirteen's world, it would be Matt Smith's Time Lord. At least that's what all those Eleventh Doctor easter eggs in that one Season 11 promo would have us believing.

Doctor Who Season 11 will premiere on BBC America later this fall, so stay tuned for an exact date. Keep up with everything that's coming to television in the coming weeks with our summer and fall premiere guides and for more on the Doctor Who universe, check out the shocking thing showrunner Chris Chibnall said about Season 11 that had some fans up in arms.

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