Will Shameless Go On Without Emmy Rossum? Here's What The Creator Says

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It was the news that shocked Shameless fans: Emmy Rossum announced that she would be departing the Showtime series, therefore making the show's upcoming Season 9 her last. Given the pivotal role that Rossum's Fiona has on the series, it stands to reason that fans may be wondering how and if the show will go on without her. Well, Shameless' creator, John Wells, has opened up about the future of the show without Rossum. Wells said:

We are hard at work now creating a Season 9 finale... which we hope will provide a Gallagher-worthy sendoff for Fiona that honors the great work Emmy has done. It is always bittersweet when an ensemble member decides to move out of the proverbial house, but our door will always remain open for Fiona to return home for a visit, or to move back in. I look forward to continuing the stories of this wildly unpredictable family.

Based on the Shameless creator's statement, fans can breathe a sigh of relief regarding the future of the show, per TVLine. From the sound of things, John Wells plans to forge ahead on Season 10. So, the good news is that the show will go on, meaning you will not have to say goodbye to all the Gallaghers. The sad news is that it will go on without one of its lead stars. Should she decide to return, the door will be open for Emmy Rossum and her character to come back.

It is another part of John Wells' statement that should ease any fears that Fiona's exit story will restrict her ability to return. Emmy Rossum in an original cast member, whose integral role on the series should leave a pretty big hole on the dramatic comedy. Season 9 will have the heavy task of bringing Fiona's story to the point of sendoff, while potentially passing the torch to the character that will fill the void.

Emmy Rossum broke the sad news that she would be exiting the show on August 30 in a poignant post on her personal Facebook page, Rossum praised the team behind Shameless, both in front of and behind the scenes. She also shared her appreciation for the stability being on the show for the past eight years has provided her. The actress also praised the writing of her "layered and dynamic" character. Rossum did not disclose an exact reason for her exit.

While fans savor their last season with Emmy Rossum and Fiona, the toughest season is arguably still on the horizon: the first one without her in it. They still have time before it comes to that. The first half of Season 9 will air this year, while the second half will premiere in 2019. As a result, fans will not know how Fiona exits Shameless until next year. Savor her time on the show while it lasts.

You can catch Emmy Rossum in the first half of her final season on the dramatic comedy when Shameless Season 9 premieres Sunday, September 9 at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime. It will conclude on October 21. The second half of Season 9 premieres January 20, 2019. For new television that will arrive alongside Shameless this fall, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's fall premieres.

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