How Last Man Standing Will Address The Major Character Recasting

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Following the cancellation of Last Man Standing by ABC and its subsequent revival on Fox, some changes had to be made regarding casting. That means when the sitcom returns, some of the Baxter family members are going to look different than they did before. To be specific, Mandy and Boyd. So, how is Last Man Standing planning to handle the obvious? The show's executive producer Kevin Abbott has shed some significant light on it, saying:

Mandy's mad at Kyle because she's changed something about her looks and he can't tell what it is. He thinks she looks exactly the same, and so does Mike.

Last Man Standing is utilizing a funny storyline to give a nod to Mandy's new look, and it is likely the right method to choose. The audience knows there is a new actress in the role and to let it go unacknowledged has its setbacks. The insight Kevin Abbott shared with TVLine on how Season 7 plans to handle it sounds promising. For those who may have missed it, the casting switch is not the result of any backstage drama.

Due to ABC cancelling the comedy and the gap in between Fox picking it up, the actors who played Mandy and Boyd were not available when Season 7 got up and running. Molly McCook is taking over the role of Mandy from previous actress Molly Ephraim. Young actor Jet Jurgensmeyer will now play Mike Baxter's grandson Boyd, the son of Mandy's older sister Kristin. Flynn Morrison previously played the role. This brings us to the writing.

Many times, when a new actor takes over an established role, the writing for the character they play can be affected. So, now that we know the show will acknowledge Mandy's new look, you may be wondering if the character will remain the same. Here is what executive producer Kevin Abbott, said:

We're literally writing the character the same.

Good to know. Changing up cast members is one thing. Altering the writing for a character is another. After a long wait, fans of the comedy will not have to wait too much longer to see how the new actors fare in the roles. While Mandy and Boyd have been recast, the actors playing the other Baxter daughters, Kristin and Eve, will remain the same. Amanda Fuller will return as Kristin, and Kaitlyn Deaver will reprise her role as Eve.

That said, you will not be seeing Eve as much as previous seasons have allotted. Due to Kaitlyn Deaver's role on the Netflix series Unbelievable, she could not return on a full-time basis. The good news is she will be around every couple of episodes in Season 7.

Television's reunion with the Baxter family is imminent, along with many other shows, including those on Fox's schedule. Last Man Standing will return for its seventh season overall and its first on Fox on Friday, September 28, at 8 p.m. ET.

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