Last Man Standing's Mandy And Boyd Have Been Recast

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Last Man Standing will be making its triumphant return to network television for its seventh season this fall on Fox. While a lot about the series will be the same, some things have had to change following its comeback. Two of the original actors were not slated to return, but the characters still need to be around. So, the cast will be a little different when the show returns. The role of Tim Allen's on-screen daughter Mandy and his grandson Boyd have both been recast.

Replacing Molly Ephraim in the role of Mandy Baxter is actress Molly McCook, per TV Guide. This is not McCook's first acting gig. The actress landed the recurring role of Darlene on the Netflix comedy The Ranch. She will also star in the upcoming spinoff of The Fosters in the role of Rebecca. McCook has acting in her veins. The actress is the daughter of Bold and the Beautiful star John McCook.

Molly McCook

14-year-old Jet Jurgensmeyer will take over the role of Mike Baxter's beloved grandson Boyd from actor Flynn Morrison. For those in need of a Last Man Standing refresher, Boyd is the son of Mike's eldest daughter, Kristin. As for Jet Jurgensmeyer, Last Man Standing is far from the young actor's first role. In fact, his career already includes work on a popular sitcom. Jurgensmeyer appeared on the first season of the Will & Grace revival in the episode "Grandpa Jack." So, he has sitcom credentials. Here he is on the NBC hit:

Jet Jurgensmeyer Will and Grace NBC

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Molly Ephraim, who originated the role of Mandy, wore her hair dark. Molly McCook is currently a blonde, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out. McCook could dye her hair for the role or wear a wig to continue the character's previous look. Of course, that is not a complete necessity. As in real life, characters can change their hair color without it being a major plot point, so McCook altering her hair is not a must.

The status of Kaitlyn Dever's Last Man Standing return has also been settled. Dever will reprise her role as Mike Baxter's youngest daughter Eve. She is set to appear in a select number of episodes. With Last Man Standing officially signing the two new significant roles, the show's return feels all the more imminent.

Originally airing on ABC, the popular sitcom was cancelled by the Alphabet Network all the way back in May 2017. A year later, Fox announced that it was bringing the Tim Allen-led comedy back for its Friday-night lineup.

Last Man Standing returns for Season 7 on Friday, September 28, at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. For new television shows set to arrive this fall, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's fall premieres. To find out what's coming down the road for Fox only, check out the network's fall schedule.

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