Game Of Thrones' Maisie Williams Is Joining David Tennant For A New TV Show

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Maisie Williams' days as Game of Thrones' Arya Stark are officially nearing their end, which means she's going to have a whole lot of spare time to hop into other projects. That was never too big of a problem for her during Thrones hiatuses in the past, so it's no surprise the actress is back and working now that initial filming has wrapped. She has joined up with Doctor Who vet David Tennant and other big names for Rooster Teeth's new sci-fi TV show gen:LOCK.

Maisie Williams will play a "mischievous hacker" with the most non-hacker name of Cammie MacCloud, and the animated world of gen:LOCK is set in a dystopian future where rival factions solve their conflicts through giant human-controlled mechs fighting each other. Williams is used to taking on battles she isn't necessarily destined to win, though Arya was much more proficient with a sword than with any kind of computer programming.

A temporary recurring guest star on Doctor Who, Maisie Williams joins the gen:LOCK cast alongside fellow Doctor Who alum David Tennant, as well as other big names like Dakota Fanning and Michael B. Jordan. The all-star cast will team up for Rooster Teeth for its first union series produced through its animation shingle, which is why this animated web series is able to boast so many A-list castings.

Gen:LOCK is a highly anticipated web series for genre fans, for reasons beyond the fact that such high-profile celebrities such as Maisie Williams are attached. The series hails from Gray Haddock, who has been a vital piece of Rooster Teeth's animation throughout the years. Internet audiences may be familiar with his past work on other Rooster Teeth series such as the Halo-inspired Red vs. Blue, as well as the show that arguably put the company on the map, RWBY. The series itself is a co-production between Rooster Teeth Studios and Michael B. Jordan's Outlier Society Productions, and Jordan is attached as an executive producer in addition to playing the series' lead voice actor.

The role of Cammie MacCloud seems to be a great fit for Maisie Williams, who has dabbled in more voice work as of late. Williams was recently featured in the Aardman animated feature Early Man as the voice of Goona, and while she's done a fair bit of live-action acting as well, lending her voice to animated features appears to be a career path she'll be further exploring. It's a viable outlet some actors have revitalized their careers with when their star power had dwindled, as well as one that non-dwindling fan-faves like David Tennant partake in when they're not being hammered by live-action projects. So if gen:LOCK and Williams' other voice roles eventually lead to some kind of animated Game of Thrones project in which she gets to play Arya again, that'd be great.

Gen:LOCK is set to premiere on Rooster Teeth and online outlets in January 2019. For information regarding television shows that are coming to cable before that, head on over to our fall premiere guide.

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