Maisie Williams Couldn’t Be More Adorable In Throwback Photo From First Day On Game Of Thrones Set

As of the end of Game of Thrones Season 7, Arya Stark was a badass assassin who returned to her rightful place in the North. After her long journey over the years, it's easy to forget that Arya was once an adorable little girl whose hobbies included mischief rather than murder. Actress Maisie Williams was only 14-years-old when the show premiered back in 2011; now 20, Williams took to social media to share an absolutely adorable photo from her very first day on set of Game of Thrones. Take a look!

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Maisie Williams was an unknown (and adorable) young actress back when she landed the role of Arya Stark for Game of Thrones. We can bet that the young girl in this photo (as shared by Williams on Instagram) had no idea of the level of fame she'd achieve in the coming years. Game of Thrones is a cultural phenomenon, and Williams was a breakout star who gained critical acclaim from the very beginning. Her career skyrocketed, and a whole lot of people know her name nowadays.

Arya looks like much less of a lovable scamp on Game of Thrones lately. She does still smile, but usually after she has pulled off some kind of epic knife move or enacted her revenge on somebody. If she ever gets her reunion with beloved big bro/secret cousin Jon, we may see more of the old Arya shining through, but there's no guaranteeing that either of them will live long enough to cross paths again. After all, Arya is based out of Winterfell as an army of wights and White Walkers are crossing into the North, and Jon is part of Dany's large host of fighters. The Great War could claim either of them.

Unfortunately, we may have to wait a very long time before we get to see Maisie Williams back in action as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones. Not even a tentative premiere date has been set at this point, and there's a big chance that Season 8 may be held until 2019. The season will also be the shortest of Thrones to date, which means that a lot will probably be packed in. Hopefully we'll get plenty of Arya in the season. The Game of Thrones universe will continue even after the series finale, as HBO has a number of spinoffs in the works that should expand the world of Westeros.

That said, Maisie Williams has said that she's actually looking forward to the end of Game of Thrones. We can bet that she'll have plenty of places to go in her career, given that she's managed to work on a number of projects even while busy with Thrones. Williams has appeared multiple times on Doctor Who, and she landed a role in The New Mutants. It should be fun to see what's next for her as an actress.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV news. For the shows that do have premiere dates already set, take a look at our 2018 midseason TV premiere schedule. Not all shows are lucky enough to have the fanbase that Game of Thrones does, and you can find them on the list of 2017 TV cancellations.

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