The Deuce Cancelled By HBO, But There's Good News

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When The Deuce premiered last September, the series, which stars James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal, was readily renewed for a second installment. That season is currently underway on the cable network, and with two episodes having aired, HBO has decided the future of its rollicking '70s drama. The cable network has renewed it for a third season but there is a catch, and it is significant. The ride will be coming to an end.

That's right, The Deuce's third season will be its final installment, per TVLine. So, while the show has been cancelled, it is not over yet. HBO's extension means the show's creators will have one more season to complete the series. The Deuce's co-creator, David Simon, took to Twitter to thank HBO for the opportunity to complete the series. So, there is no need to fear any loose ends, as the show is getting a significant advanced notice in time for that not to happen.

There is no word on when the third and final season will premiere, nor how many episodes it will be comprised of at this time. While the first season had eight episodes, HBO bumped that number up to nine episodes for its second. The first two seasons both premiered in September, so it would make sense for its third installment to follow suit.

The news of the series' cancellation is somewhat surprising. Not only was there considerable critical acclaim that accompanied the series upon its release, but only a couple episodes of Season 2 have aired so far. HBO's reason for dropping the ax on the series was not included in the story announcing the decision. The Deuce features a high-profile cast, whose feet should most assuredly land elsewhere.

Whether it will be on another HBO series, time will tell. One interesting detail is that despite critics' enthusiasm for the series, it has not gained a great deal of traction during awards season. The Deuce's lead actress, Maggie Gyllenhaal, did earn a Best Actress in a Drama Series nod at the 75th Golden Globe Awards. Apart from her performance being recognized, the series as a whole had not been met with as warm a welcome by the awards tide, as other HBO series.

Shedding possible light on the series' renewal prospects was the ratings posted thus far by The Deuce's second season. Based on the first two episodes alone, Season 2 has been down 29% in total viewership from its first. Whether it had been a contributing factor is speculation, albeit a nearly 30% drop is significant.

With fans knowing they can count on closure when it comes to the series' run, they can now take full heart in investing in the show. The Deuce Season 2 is currently airing Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO, alongside other series set to air this fall.

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