Watch One Jeopardy Contestant Propose To His Girlfriend On The Show

Jeopardy! is a very intense game show where participants must think on their feet in order to come with the correct answer to a crazy hard trivia question. So, it is difficult to imagine what is more nerve-wracking: participating on Jeopardy! or asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you. In the case of one Jeopardy! contestant, he decided to take both things on at the same time. During a recent episode, Michael Pascuzzi asked his girlfriend to marry him! Find out if she answered "yes" by watching the clip below:

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How sweet is that? Making the moment even more memorable was when Michael Pascuzzi's now-fiancée followed up her initial "yes" by answering again in the form of a question. Alex Trebek ever the smooth operator, facilitated the moment, which Jeopardy! producers seemed to be aware of ahead of time. They already had a microphone near Maria Shafer for when she responded to her now-fiancée's proposal. Leave it to Alex Trebek to have a quick-witted response.

Even in the afterglow of an epic proposal, Alex Trebek seized the moment with his own humorous response. Trebek, ever the clever host, teased that Maria had given her response too quickly because he was about to say that they would have her answer after the commercial break. Thankfully, no such cliffhanger took place.

Kudos to the trivia game show for giving the couple the chance to get engaged on the show, and we already have an update, post-proposal. Michael Pascuzzi took to Twitter to express his gratitude to Jeopardy! and his happiness. He also wanted to know if Alex Trebek would be available to officiate the service. It goes without saying how awesome it would be if Trebek were to officiate the wedding, so stay tuned. You never know.

Given that time was of the essence, viewers did not get a chance to learn a whole lot about the backstory leading up to the proposal. Thankfully, Twitter is here to help. Responding to a Twitter user following the proposal, Michael Pascuzzi revealed that he and Maria Shafer have been together for a decade. Congratulations!

Not everyone can say that they got engaged on television, let alone on Jeopardy!, which is not entirely known for being the home of proposals. So, it is a pretty big deal and it will make for a wonderful story to tell and memory to have for years to come.

Check your local listings to find out when Jeopardy! airs in your area. You can currently stream certain episodes of the series on Hulu. When you are not watching the latest episode of the game show, there are a lot of new shows heading to television this fall to fill the void.

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