People Are Obsessed With Alek Trebek's New Jeopardy Beard

Alex Trebek Jeopardy Beard 2018

Alex Trebek hasn't sported facial fur on television since he brought back his mustache for the show's 30th anniversary in 2014, but that changed with the debut of Season 35. The Jeopardy host strutted out on stage with a full beard and informed the masses it's up to them to decide whether or not he keeps the new look. Viewers have been asked to share their thoughts on whether or not Trebek should keep the beard via social media, and early polling results show people are obsessed with the new look:

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As of writing the Twitter poll still has just under a week to go, but it appears the public is more in favor of a bearded Alex Trebek than not. Approval for Trebek's pre-retirement beard is at 68%, with a little over 9,400 votes being officially cast on on the platform. Fans are also making their opinions known elsewhere on social media, as Jeopardy has fans talking all over. Twitter has started the hashtag "Trebeard" to share its thoughts, as well as some referential humor honoring the show:

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By and large "#Trebeard" users on Twitter appear to have overwhelming support for Alex Trebek's beard. There is some dissent, but the fact remains that there aren't nearly as many beard haters sharing their thoughts as the poll would indicate, and the ones who have spoken out against the beard are far less entertaining to me than the ones who have shown their support:

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The numbers on Facebook differ slightly from Twitter, although support is still very strong for the bearded Jeopardy host. Over 37,000 people have voted thus far in the Facebook poll, and 64% of viewers want Alex Trebek to ditch the razor and let his fuzz invade his face:

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Fan replies on Facebook are still overwhelmingly positive, although there are some notable naysayers who hopped on the comments to explain why they're against Alex Trebek's beard. The top comment in opposition to the Jeopardy host's facial hair came from Andrew Greenwood, who offered a harsh take quite a few people seemed to agree with:

I've said it before when I saw him with a mustache for the first time in a long time and I'll say it again about his beard. He looks a lot better and younger with a smooth clean shave. My comment will stand to this very day.

Whether or not Alex Trebek gets to keep his beard remains to be seen, but if people like Greenwood get their way, Jeopardy has already ensured the look will go down in meme history. The game show celebrated the opening of Season 35 with a new cover video on Facebook, and there's no denying it's just a little more magical with the beard:

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Jeopardy Season 35 is now airing daily on streaming and at varying times and networks around the nation. Keep track of what else is coming to television over the coming months with our fall premiere guide.

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