The Doctor Is Shocked To Find She's A Woman In New Doctor Who Clip

The Doctor will be all out of sorts when Doctor Who Season 11 premieres on BBC America, so much so that she's forgotten her biggest change to date. A new clip from the Doctor Who's premiere, titled "The Woman Who Fell To Earth," features the time-traveling hero confused by her surroundings and shocked to be embodying a female form. We also get a peek at two of the show's newest companions in action, and both of also appear confused by their first encounter with the Doctor. Check it out!

The fact that the Doctor has been wandering around oblivious to the fact that she's now a woman is hilarious, and it's the type of obliviousness the character has been known to display from time to time. Her soon-to-be companions/friends Yasmin and Ryan are questionable about her behavior, of course, as they had no clue she was a "white-haired Scotsman" not that long ago. The Doctor moves on from the new info about her body changes rather quickly and is on to the next mystery as she presses through a locked train with Yasmin and Ryan searching for her name and, hilariously enough, a doctor.

One important revelation from the Doctor Who clip that slides right in there is that this regeneration only took place, by the Doctor's estimation, about 30 minutes ago. That explains the title of the Season 11 premiere "The Woman Who Fell To Earth," as the Season 10 finale showed Jodie Whittaker's Doctor literally falling out of the exploding TARDIS and into the night sky. Obviously we're wondering how she survived that fall, but perhaps more importantly, how did she find her way into that locked train car? That seems to be a mystery everyone should be concerned with, as others can be seen behind Yasmin and Ryan shortly before she chases after the Doctor to tell her not to interfere with what could be a possible crime scene.

Beyond the footage shown, we do know a little more about what to expect from Doctor Who's Season 11 premiere thanks to a previously released episode synopsis. The Doctor won't be the only person confused in this South Yorkshire town, as it was revealed there are some strange events happening around town. That's old-hat for the Doctor, of course, provided she can remember her name and past well enough to help solve whatever problem is plaguing everyone. The Doctor also may be wiped from the excessive amount of energy her body expelled for the regeneration, which often takes a toll on most new Doctors starting out. Hopefully, she's aware of that, since it would be bad news for the Doctor to drop out of commission in the heat of battle.

Doctor Who Season 11 will premiere on BBC America in a special simulcast scheduled for Sunday, October 7 at 1:45 p.m. ET. There will also be an encore showing later that day at the show's regularly scheduled time going forward, Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Those curious about what other television shows are coming in the near future needn't search too hard, CinemaBlend's fall premiere guide has all the answers.

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