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NCIS has made some major changes to its lineup over the past few years, and the latest exciting edition is none other than Diona Reasonover as Kasie Hines. Kasie made her first appearance back in Season 15 as Ducky's new graduate student, and she stepped up for Season 16 following the departure of Abby. Reasonover already shared the touching advice she received from Pauley Perrette before stepping into her forensic science shoes, and she also revealed in a chat with CinemaBlend some of her favorite things about being on NCIS as a regular:

I love the kind of freedom. You know what I mean? It's like a whole new character, and the producers and the writers are really open to dumb jokes I pitch. Also, the costume designer is amazing. She gave me this really cute little Topshop skirt that's leopard print, and I'm like, 'I never thought I'd be cool enough to wear leopard print mini skirt, but here I am!' I know that sounds so silly, but it's just really amazing to end up with a bunch of people who are just excited to see what you have to bring and are really open to the things that you do. It's very cool.

Diona Reasonover is in a unique position as an actor joining a very long-running series well into its run as a fresh character, especially given that her character is taking over for a fan-favorite who had been on board NCIS since way back when it was still a JAG backdoor pilot. Kasie already delivers some of the lightness and comic relief in a series that can get fairly dark at times, and it seems that Reasonover is able to pitch jokes and help develop the character.

And there are other perks! Viewers likely never think too much about the costume designers that help build the world of a particular TV show, but NCIS' costume designer has clearly made working on set all the more fun for Diona Reasonover. Not every actor gets the chance to wear leopard print as part of their day job! All things considered, collaboration seems to be a key part of working at NCIS, and that is clearly a good thing.

In our chat, I also learned that the NCIS set is the place to be for craft services, with a wide variety of cookies and even a day all about barbecue. Who wouldn't want to work on NCIS? Diona Reasonover went on to explain her favorite part of bringing Kasie to life on the small screen, saying this:

I like playing a woman in STEM. I think that's pretty cool. I know that we've made some great gains in the amount of women and the amount of people of color and women of color that are in STEM. But having the chance to continue the tradition of a female scientist, I think that's super cool. Especially because I don't know anything about science! People have asked me before, like, 'Do you have to be a scientist to do this?' I'm like, 'No.' I think Pauley was really smart and I'm pretty sure Pauley studied some kind of science, but I didn't. I studied acting. This is the closest I've ever been to getting an A in chemistry. I just want to say to my high school chemistry teacher, 'See? You were right! I can do better.'

As Kasie, Diona Reasonover gets to bring a woman in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to life on the small screen. Given that women and people of color still don't land STEM roles all that often, Kasie represents something important for the small screen and could even inspire younger viewers to pursue a career in STEM. Pauley Perrette actually revealed back in 2016 that she's been contacted by people all over the world telling her about her influence as Abby and her enthusiasm for math and science. Kasie has the potential to do something similar in the new era of NCIS.

As an added bonus, Diona Reasonover gets to use some chemistry in her new job! She may not have to take any high school exams any more, but she certainly uses plenty of scientific terms and developments to advance the cases for the agents of NCIS.

You can find Diona Reasonover in action as Kasie Hines when new episodes of NCIS premiere in the fall TV lineup on Tuesdays, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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