Creature Actor Javier Botet Reveals New Star Trek: Discovery Role

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When Hollywood needs a tall and lanky actor willing to spend hours in a restrictive suit or makeup, there are only a handful of people casting agents can call. Star Trek: Discovery already has one of the world's most notable creature actors Doug Jones as Saru, but apparently the show needed another for Season 2. Now, Javier Botet has been cast for a creature role in an upcoming episode.

Javier Botet explained he's filming in Toronto for Star Trek: Discovery and that he's currently signed on for one episode. Botet will, as usual, be in full makeup and portray an unknown creature that Star Trek viewers may be familiar with. Botet kept the identity of his character secret in a recent interview, but did give a bit of information to get folks guessing:

It's an old creature but I'm not going to tell you what creature.

Javier Botet's comment to Bloody Disgusting can be interpreted a couple of different ways, both of which revolve around his use of the word "old." Botet could be saying that his creature is a classic villain from the original Star Trek days and that fans will recognize his character when they see him onscreen. Botet could also be saying that his creature is old in the sense that it's part of an ancient civilization or some centuries-old being.

The latter theory could mean Javier Botet is linked to the mystery of the Red Angel. Star Trek: Discovery viewers have theorized this mysterious creature showcased in recently released footage is actually an Iconian, a Star Trek species thought to be wiped out long ago. Later Star Trek shows would appear to reveal that's not the case, and while the creatures never appeared in a series, they were shown in a Star Trek video game.

Iconian representations in Star Trek Online show completely alien-looking creatures with tall and slender frames. Additionally, their civilization is described as "ancient," which would explain the use of "old" by the also tall and slender Javier Botet. Iconian theories aside, the Red Angel appears to have a frame similar to that of Botet and could certainly be the creature he's been asked to portray for Star Trek: Discovery.

It's also entirely possible Botet is portraying a "monster of the week" type creature and his time on Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery will be short-lived. Javier Botet did say he's only a part of one episode, although the "for now" he added on could also be a tease that there's a chance this character could return. It could also mean Star Trek: Discovery has more creature roles for Botet in the future, as recasting an actor in a different role isn't a huge deal when their body is almost entirely concealed by makeup.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 is expected to arrive on CBS All Access in 2019. Many shows will be premiering before that, of course, so head on over to our fall premiere guide and see what's on the way.

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