Patrick Stewart may be making a grand return to the Star Trek franchise but that doesn't mean Star Trek: Discovery is suddenly chopped liver. The streaming series gained a fair share of franchise fans in its inaugural season, and its run played a big part in drawing a lot of eyes to CBS All Access. No doubt the series will do the same in Season 2, as the drama gears up for another inventive story, the return of a few classic characters, and probably some swearing. With that said, here's all we know about Season 2 and what fans can expect.

When Will Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Debut?

The exact premiere date for Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 is unknown, although we've been told to expect the show to arrive on CBS All Access in the early half of 2019. Executive producer and now showrunner Alex Kurtzman has been consistent with that date since Season 1 was still airing, and no news has come out to indicate we should expect it any sooner. Additionally, production seems to be chugging along in spite of behind the scenes drama, so, provided no other massive roadblocks come up, Star Trek: Discovery should arrive when expected.

What Will Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Be About?

Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 ended with the USS Discovery face-to-face with the USS Enterprise, and while it's been confirmed that the Enterprise and its crew won't be around all season, there will be some connection. Former co-showrunner Aaron Harberts said a theme of Season 2 revolves around the family one chooses versus the family one is born into, and with Michael Burnham's adopted brother Spock on board the Enterprise, he'll no doubt have a part to play in this theme. That much was confirmed in the Season 2 trailer anyway, which hinted that Spock is somehow linked to seven mysterious red bursts spread out light years apart. The Discovery will team up with Captain Christopher Pike and his Enterprise crew, in what sounds to be a rescue mission to find the Vulcan.

Another theme teased for Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery involves spirituality, and the struggle between logic and faith. It's an issue Michael Burnham somewhat struggled with in Season 1, as the human raised by Vulcans slowly became more accustomed to her more human desires. No doubt she'll continue to struggle with this balance in Season 2, and it's possible the rest of the Discovery crew might go along for the ride as well. Beyond that, the Discovery is slated to get a new permanent captain, and appearances from Mirror-Georgiou, Voq/Ash, or even Harry Mudd are always on the table. One thing that seems certain, though, is that the adventure is only beginning.

What Have We Seen From Star Trek: Discovery Season 2?

A first-look trailer for Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 was released at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, and with it came the arrival of Anson Mount's Captain Christopher Pike. As previously mentioned, the trailer seemed to revolve around mysterious red bursts and the revelation that Burnham's brother Spock might be in trouble. Given what is known about the Enterprise's role in Season 2, it's possible this is just an arc of Season 2 and not the entire big picture of what's happening in the upcoming season. That said, even the small stories in Season 1 seemed to come full circle by the finale, so it's possible the trailer contains more about Season 2 than we know for now.

The Star Trek: Discovery first look also contains the high-intensity space flying and explosions that appear to indicate the action will be as constant as ever in Season 2. It's doubtful the Klingons are ready to take on the Federation so soon after their conflict in Season 1, but a silhouette spotted in Burnham's helmet at the start of the trailer appears to indicate some alien race could be behind all this drama. Who that might be, however, is anyone's guess, as Star Trek: Discovery has not been shy about redesigning some of the series' most iconic species.

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