Megyn Kelly Likely To End Her Daytime Show

Megyn Kelly on NBC morning show talking about blackface

Megyn Kelly dominated headlines when her high profile departure from Fox News To NBC was announced, but it has not all been great news for the television personality since then. Megyn Kelly Today has struggled in the ratings, and while Kelly seemed apt to try and grow an audience in her current position, that may no longer be the case. It's being reported that Megyn Kelly and NBC are likely to end the morning show at the end of the season.

Megyn Kelly Today's likely ending is reported to be the result of ongoing discussions between Megyn Kelly and NBC which first started weeks ago. THR reported Kelly expressed a desire to cover more news and politics for NBC, something she's only been able to occasionally do in her softer, daytime slot. The report that Kelly's show will be phased out at the season's end seemingly means both parties agreed her current position was not the best place for her on the network.

As for what's next for Megyn Kelly and NBC after this, that's a more complicated question to answer. Kelly is presently under fire for controversial remarks she made about "blackface" during Megyn Kelly Today, in which she stated doing so for Halloween costumes was not racist if the person is portraying another person or character. Kelly apologized for the remarks and, allegedly, the decision to end Kelly's program came before those statements.

NBC News did not avoid covering Megyn Kelly's comments this week. Instead, chairman Andy Lack and high profile personalities on the network like Al Roker and Craig Melvin all spoke out. The network also covered the incident on NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt and on the Wednesday edition of Today. Lack added in a public statement afterward that the network's top priority going forward was maintaining a workplace where the need to be "proud" and "respected" is upheld.

A rerun of Megyn Kelly Today was shown during the Thursday, October 25th edition of the show, and word is the next day's edition will also be pre-taped. Friday episodes are typically pre-taped, so it is unknown whether Kelly will return to television live on Monday or if a decision will be made about the future of the daytime program by then.

While NBC's future plans for Megyn Kelly are unclear, it's worth noting the network paid a lot of money to bring her onto the network. The reported nearly $20 million contract she signed is a big one for NBC to try, and it's unclear if the network will try to find a new timeslot more suited to Kelly's strengths. We'll have to wait and see what ends up happening with the host and news anchor, but for now, it seems like at least her daytime slot may no longer be a part of the network's future.

Until we are told otherwise, Megyn Kelly Today airs on NBC weekdays at 9:00 a.m. ET. For a look at what fresh television shows are on the way, visit our fall premiere guide.

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