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Vikings has unleashed an explosive look at the back half of its fifth season. The teaser packs an eyeful into less than a minute for this intense new glimpse at the History series. Get a look at what is to come as King Ivar takes the throne in the video below:

There is a lot to take in from this super intense peek at the fifth season. For those who had any doubts as to the brutality of King Ivar's reign, this trailer completely does away with them. Ragnar Lothbrok's son is a tyrant, who publicly makes a disquieting assertion about himself.

In the trailer, he cautions those around him not to be afraid that he has been revealed to be a god. As he says this, his brother Hvitserk appears to be taken aback. Did he think Ivar's ego had some sort of boundary? Maybe. But, this statement should disabuse him of that notion.

Elsewhere in the Vikings promo, Ivar can be heard demanding that a sacrifice be brought out. This is where things start to really intensify as jump cuts make it hard to discern what is happening. Floki can be seen crying out, not in physical pain, but, rather, due to what seems to be an emotionally-charged event of some sort.

At the 16-second mark, you can spot a silver-haired Lagertha. Her eyes are shut, and blood splatter is all over her face. An expression of defeat is not filling her face, although she does appear anguished to some extent.

The 22-second mark contains another image that may hint at a dire fate for one of Vikings' original characters. When paused, you can see a man clearly resembling Rollo lying on his back. His arms are spread, and he appears incredibly dazed. Blood covers his face, and his eyes appear to go cold at one point. Could this be Rollo?

It certainly looks like him. There is reason to believe he could survive the season, though. Vikings has historically messed with reality. Something that could, theoretically, make this a vision, and not real. Having watched this part multiple times, it does appear that the man resembling Rollo may have fallen to the ground. Or he is laying there, and his arms are being manually pulled, causing it to look like he is moving.

If it is Rollo, he appears to be wearing something that does not hint at armor or battle gear. Only time will tell if it is him or not. Rollo has been such an integral part to the show; it would be a shame for them to let him go. Plus, it is hard to believe Vikings would tease such a huge death in a promo. They know fans pay attention to trailers for clues.

Find out if Rollo ends up hurt and if his evil nephew Ivar's reign of terror will come to an end. The second half of Vikings' fifth season, also known as Season 5B, will premiere Wednesday, November 28 on History. The History series is among many returning with new seasons this fall, so be sure to fill out your viewing schedules accordingly.