Clive Standen Is A Bloody Mess In Fun Vikings Throwback Image

Clive Standen is set to play a significant part in Vikings Season 5B, and the actor is already getting fans pumped with a little throwback magic on social media. Standen shared the image from a season that feels like it took place eons ago, especially considering who is standing alongside him. The picture he shared on his Twitter page features not just one but two familiar faces, including Standen's. Check it out for yourself via the Tweet below:

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The brothers Lothbrok! Now that is a blast from the past! The bloody picture replete with hilarious and on-the-point captions from Clive Standen gives fans a refreshing reminder of what they will be missing when Vikings returns for the second half of its fifth season. The picture Standen posted of himself and co-star Travis Fimmel appears to be from the midseason finale of Vikings Season 4. That episode saw the epic clash of the brothers.

As fans are likely to recall, Rollo and his troops defeated Ragnar's, and those events have played into the show ever since. While it may feel like ages ago since Rollo and Ragnar battled nearly to the death, it was only a season ago. Thanks to Vikings' large time jumps, there is a good reason to be discombobulated. The battle between Rollo and Ragnar took place at the end of Season 4's first half, and the show is now approaching the second half of its fifth season.

Ragnar died in the second half of Season 4 and Vikings has never been the same. While that is true of many series that lose their original lead, it is incredibly accurate when it comes to the History series. Travis Fimmel's complex portrayal of Ragnar is seared into the very DNA of the show. And Ragnar's death is still creating story as his sons try to live and outshine the shadow he cast.

Clive Standen sharing this bloody throwback picture makes you wish that it was an on-set image from filming Season 5B. Having Travis Fimmel and Standen share the screen again, even in a flashback sequence, would be beyond satisfying to watch unfold. They had a complicated relationship riddled with rivalry. And, no matter what happened, Ragnar and Rollo could not bring themselves to kill each other. A line that Ragnar's son Ivar has not been scared to cross with his own brothers.

Adding to the need for a flashback-style episode is the fact that there is still a lot of history between the brothers that has never been portrayed on-screen, including the early days of the love triangle between Ragnar, Lagertha, and Rollo. So, it would be neat for Vikings to go back and explore that -- even if it was for a single episode.

The second half of Vikings' fifth season, also known as Season 5B, will premiere Wednesday, November 28 on History. For other new television shows set to arrive this fall, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's fall premieres.

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