Why Titans' Robin Didn't Start Off As Nightwing

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For many of the characters that populate DC Universe's Titans, the show is about their origin story. When it came to Robin and his journey into becoming Nightwing, the show decided to take a similar approach. If you are curious why, Titans' executive producer Geoff Johns has revealed the answer, saying:

We talked a lot about starting Dick Grayson as Nightwing. We all got to a point where we're going to miss and hop over what I think is a really interesting period of Dick Grayson's life, where he left Batman and he was struggling to find a new identity and who he was.

What Geoff Johns told DC Comics lines up with what has previously been shared regarding Dick Grayson's journey in Titans' first season. Fans got their first taste of how the split between Dick and Batman was going in the trailer for Titans. Given what Dick said, it was easy to figure out -- he has some issues with his former mentor.

It is safe to say that Geoff Johns and company made the right call. Skipping over the beats of Dick Grayson's life post-Batman would have been a mistake. There is a lot of angst to sift through, and Titans' approach has paved the way to explore that. Who is Robin without Batman? Dick Grayson and Batman share a past, and that impact should be felt for some time. Whether they are working together or not.

They shared an intense period of time together as vigilantes. That is life or death stuff right there. Plus, there is the aspect of Batman sort of being Dick's only family for a while. Having that sort of connection with someone is pretty special. You cannot walk away without some emotional repercussions.

Considering the way things are between Dick Grayson and Batman, focusing on the angle of Grayson sorting things out also gives the show somewhere to go. It makes his eventual evolution into Nightwing something Titans can follow from its genesis. Since Dick is so far removed from where he will eventually be, that may take multiple seasons. Thank goodness, the show was already renewed for a second!

It will not only take time for Robin to become Nightwing, it will also take time for the Titans to form as a team. While Dick Grayson may be struggling with the after-effects of his days as Batman's sidekick, a new guy is in that slot. Let the rivalry commence!

The cause of Robin's split with Batman was previously hinted at by actor Brenton Thwaites. He plays Dick Grayson/Robin in the new series. Thwaites shared that, as Titans' first season progressed, fans would learn more about the backstory behind Dick's decision to part ways with Batman. Dick had to draw the line somewhere with his now ex-mentor. Despite being out of Batman's orbit, he will continue to feel the impact of being his protégé.

Find out how, when new episodes of Titans premiere every Friday on DC Universe. The superhero drama is among a bunch of new content offerings available to stream this fall.

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