Titans' Starfire Understands Costume Concerns

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When Titans unveiled Starfire and Beast Boy's costumes for the upcoming live-action series, it sparked concerns from some comic book fans. On the red carpet of the show's premiere, actress Anna Diop, who portrays Starfire in the DC Universe series, expressed her understanding for where fans are coming from while offering some insight into how Titans' journey will unfold. Diop said:

As soon as I put it on, everyone was flipping out. It's awesome because it's something that so many people have seen for so long and it means so much to people and this is the first time we're bringing it to life, but you know --- our story takes its time. It takes its time, it's an origin story, so it takes its time in the characters coming to this place where you see them and the way that everyone's always known. I hope that the audience can be patient with us and have fun with us. It's a ride, and it's a fun one.

Along with sharing this crucial bit of info, Anna Diop also gave ComicBook a "yes" when asked about whether Starfire will someday don a costume that more closely resembles her comic book counterpart's. So, there is assuring news on many fronts with this update. Given that many superhero television series have not jumped to a character's finished costume from the top, what Diop is saying about fans' being patient makes total sense. Titans will get there eventually, so there is no need to worry.

Fans will have to tune in to learn when Starfire will get said costume. The good news is that even if fans get to glimpse it briefly in Season 1 or hardly at all, there is a second season of Titans already in the works. Meaning there will be even more opportunities for Starfire to show off the costume in the future. The new DC Universe series marks the first time; fans will be seeing characters, such as Starfire, take on live-action form.

So, that is a milestone, in and of itself. As Anna Diop points out, Titans' first season will be more of an origin season for the beloved characters, which puts it more on the Batman Begins side of things, as opposed to The Dark Knight Rises. The DC Universe series is not the first to take its time building towards a big costume reveal. Many superhero dramas have traditionally taken their time before their character goes full-in on their outfit.

Smallville spent most of its time with Clark Kent rocking a blue t-shirt under a red jacket, while The CW's Arrow also built up to Oliver Queen's current costume. In the instance of Titans, fans can rest easy knowing their patience will pay off, as they prepare to take in this exciting show for the first time. Titans is one of the most buzzed-about new series bowing this fall and fans are undoubtedly pumped to see the costumes and other surprises it has in store for them.

The time to see Starfire, Robin, and Beast Boy, among others is almost here. Titans premieres Friday, October 12 on DC Universe with new episodes of the 12-part season debuting on a weekly basis on the new streaming platform. With some time left to pass before Titans is released, there are a lot of other fall offerings to watch in the meantime.

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