DC Universe's Titans Renewed For Season 2 Before Season 1 Can Even Premiere

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Live TV viewership used to dictated whether or not a series lived to see another season, although streaming has always been a different ratings beast, with official viewership numbers often hidden from the public eye. DC Universe hasn't even premiered Titans yet, but the superhero drama was renewed for Season 2 before the first season even had a chance to debut and score any ratings stats. The confidence-oozing announcement was made at this year's New York Comic-Con, which CinemaBlend was present for.

Titans' Season 2 renewal came right after New York Comic Con attendees saw the DC Universe staple's world premiere, although it's likely the next season commitment was cemented before audiences ever got a chance to see the heroes in action. Season 2's announcement came on the heels of DC Universe locking down an international distribution deal with Netflix, who will be streaming Titans in every supported country that isn't the United States or China. That deal will ensure audiences worldwide get to see this edgier, grown-up version of the Titans in action, to decide for themselves whether or not Robin's mega-diss on Batman was justified.

Titans' early renewal isn't too surprising from a business perspective, especially now that studio execs have had a chance to look at the early subscription numbers for DC Universe. (Plus, cancelling a flagship series ahead of its premiere probably isn't the best look for a competitive new streaming service.) Barring any major controversies or incidents, it would be very hard to imagine a scenario where Titans wasn't going to get a Season 2, even if the audience's response to the new series wasn't as super as the heroes, since comic book TV is all the rage. But the early buzz seems to be more positive, as a good number of viewers and critics at New York Comic Con appear to have been impressed,

That said, there are a few outliers who aren't fans of DC Universes' new hero squad. Some have taken issue with the gritty adaptation of the Teen Titans characters, which has been one of the big talking points leading up to the show's premiere. Many fans were probably hoping for an adaptation closer to the original Teen Titans animated series by Glen Murakami, which could actually be coming back to television in the future anyway. Another issue some have taken with the series is its portrayal of characters like Starfire, whose live-action look differs from past adaptations of the character.

Starfire can be seen alongside her ass-kicking teammates in the show's latest trailer, which shows the team linking up for and getting ready for a fight.

Season 1 of Titans is due to arrive on DC Universe on Friday, October 12. It's one of the many television shows making its debut in the coming months, so be sure to check out our fall premiere guide and see what else is headed to television.

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