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A Clue Cast Reunion Is Coming To Fox's The Cool Kids

clue miss scarlet

If you're a fan of Clue, then The Cool Kids on Fox is about to get a whole lot cooler. The freshman comedy, which stars former Colonel Mustard actor Martin Mull, is bringing in a second Clue alum to tackle a role. Lesley Ann Warren is on board to appear on The Cool Kids. Miss Scarlet and Colonel Mustard, together again!

Lesley Ann Warren is slated to appear in an upcoming episode called "Charlie's Angel." She'll play a widow in Margaret's bereavement support group. Given that The Cool Kids is a comedy and not a drama about mourning loved ones, the bereavement support group will be featured as a great place to meet single ladies.

As you might have guessed from the title of the episode, Charlie has a large part to play in the episode and with Lesley Ann Warren's character. Margaret decides that she will set Charlie up with this widow from her group. I'm no psychic, but something tells me that shenanigans will ensue! Given that Charlie is played by Martin Mull, we will probably see a fair amount of Mull and Warren on screen together.

The odds are pretty good that The Cool Kids will drop in some nods to Clue. What would be the point of bringing two actors from the beloved 1985 film back together again if not to include references to that film? I'm not sure that The Cool Kids would go so dark as to suggest that Lesley Ann Warren's character is a widow because she murdered her husband, but we can't rule anything out at this point.

Do murderesses usually attend bereavement support groups? Perhaps not. Then again, a lot of what happens on The Cool Kids probably doesn't happen in real-life retirement communities. Viewers have a bit of a wait before they get to see Lesley Ann Warren in action with Martin Mull on the show. She's not slated to appear until mid-January.

Unfortunately, Lesley Ann Warren is only on board The Cool Kids in a guest star capacity, so fans shouldn't count on seeing her with Martin Mull on a regular basis. Maybe she could return if the show earns a second season order and her episode doesn't end with the reveal that she killed her husband with a revolver or candlestick. Stranger things have happened on the small screen!

In addition to Charlie's attempt to woo the widow, TVLine reports that the episode will feature Hank and Sid attempting to be appointed host of the Shady Meadows closed-circuit TV show. Whether or not you're a regular viewer of The Cool Kids, this could be an episode worth checking out. Until the day a Clue remake really does happen, movie fans should enjoy whatever they can get from the original cast!

You can catch new episodes of The Cool Kids on Fridays at 8:30 p.m. ET on Fox as part of the fall TV lineup.

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