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She may be new to National City on The CW's Supergirl, but Nia Nal, CatCo's newest reporter (and the city's newest superhero), is already about to get some familial love on the superhero drama. The show is set to introduce her older sister and mother this season.

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First up, Nia's big sister will be heading to National City. Actress Hannah James is set for a recurring role on Supergirl as Maeve Nal. According to Deadline, Maeve is focused and driven to maintain the rich legacy of the Nal family name. While she and Nia have a wonderful sisterly bond, Maeve has spent her life struggling to achieve the kind of success that seems to come a lot more naturally to her little sister.

While Hannah James may not be a household name yet and is a newcomer, having just gotten her first screen credit in the short Winding Lane in 2014, she's already made some memorable television appearances. Her best known role so far would be Emma Green on the PBS Civil War drama Mercy Street. Emma began as an entitled and privileged young woman who had seen little trouble in her life as the daughter of one of the richest families in Alexandria, Virginia. But, James' performance helped make Emma's transformation into an independent and strong young woman believable as she volunteered her time to nurse soldiers back to health on both sides of the war. James also made quite an impact on her Season 3 episode of Outlander last year, when her (you guessed it) spoiled and entitled character blackmailed someone to get what she wanted out of him.

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You might not recognize the name of the woman playing Nia Nal's mother, Isobel, either, but Kate Burton has been all over television and movies for decades. The actress will guest star on Supergirl this season, which would seem to imply that her appearance will be one and done, but should the character prove popular, anything could happen. Isobel is actually a local hero of her own, but right now we don't know if she has actual superpowers (like Nia) or is just a grassroots organizer of sorts. Isobel is said to be a warm and supportive mother to Nia, who also has wisdom to spare, is quite kind and has raised her daughters to live with daring and courage as well as love openly and powerfully.

If you don't recognize Kate Burton's face from the photo above, then you must not be among the millions of people who obsess over Grey's Anatomy on a weekly basis. The actress has played Meredith's mom, Ellis, on a recurring basis since the series began in 2005 and has helped bring one of the show's most complex characters (and relationships) to life with her fierce portrayal. The three time Emmy nominee has also been seen in Big Trouble in Little China, The Practice, Rescue Me, Law & Order, 127 Hours, Grimm, The Good Wife, Veep, This Is Us, Scandal and Mr. Mercedes among her 90 film and TV credits.

So far, it does sound as if Nia's mother and sister joining her on her journey as she becomes a hero in her own right will be a good thing. One can never have too much support when one is trying to navigate a tricky, double life as a crime fighter, after all.

We don't know just yet when Kate Burton and Hannah James will make their debuts as Isobel and Maeve Nal, but you can keep up with Nia and her expanding family Sundays when Supergirl airs on The CW at 8 p.m. EST.

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