Will The Walking Dead's Anne Be In Rick Grimes' Movies?

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Rick Grimes' recent exit from The Walking Dead was only partly sad, as it was quickly followed by the announcement that Andrew Lincoln's character would return in TV films based within the show's universe. While Lincoln is going to be a part of that ride, other actors and actresses like Pollyanna McIntosh (Anne/Jadis) are still in the dark as to whether they'll be involved. McIntosh shared what she knows about the films, and gave a timeline regarding when she'll know if she'll appear.

They want to shoot next year, so if I don't hear by Christmas I'll know that I'm not doing it, won't I?

Pollyanna McIntosh doesn't know whether or not she'll be in The Walking Dead films, but told TV Guide she probably isn't if she doesn't hear something by the year's end. The actress confirmed she hasn't been contacted by anyone just yet, despite the possibility that her character Anne could be around in the next chapter of Rick's adventure. Anne was responsible for Rick's helicopter rescue in his Season 9 exit and went with him into the unknown.

Pollyanna McIntosh also revealed she didn't believe the scripts for The Walking Dead movies were complete. The actress revealed she's not the only one in The Walking Dead family curious as to what's going on, which may mean no one has been locked down beyond Andrew Lincoln. With that said, it would make sense that those most-connected to Rick Grimes at the time of his exit stand the greatest chance of appearing.

Anne's role in the escape would seemingly be evidence enough that she will appear in a future Rick adventure in The Walking Dead film universe, but it's more complicated than that. The folks that rescued the duo warned Anne there would "be consequences" for her actions, which could mean a punishment that keeps her out of the story. Depending on how extreme this group is, we might have a brutal character exit in store for Pollyanna McIntosh's character.

Regardless of what's in store for her character in the franchise's future, Pollyanna McIntosh is grateful for the run she's had on The Walking Dead thus far. After all, only a select few characters on The Walking Dead have gotten to exit on the terms her character did.

I'm incredibly grateful that my character got to do something so important as she was leaving. And also that I didn't die.

The Walking Dead is gearing up for its Season 9 midseason finale, which airs on AMC Sunday, November 25 at 9 p.m. ET. Fans looking for something else to get into can see what is coming to television in our fall premiere guide, or get a jump on what's premiering in 2019 with our midseason premiere guide.

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