The Blacklist Season 6 Trailer Reveals Red Goes To Jail And More

The Blacklist is returning with an explosive twist. Red is going to jail! Given his ongoing criminal empire, it may not be entirely surprising. Nevertheless, it is still a striking sight to behold. See Red trading in his smooth business suits for a jailhouse jumpsuit in the Season 6 trailer below:

Surprising? Yes. Shocking? Absolutely. The Blacklist still pulls no punches and Season 6 is proving that point. Red has dealt with his share of setbacks before, but as the trailer teases, this one should not keep him down for long, either. He is facing the death penalty, though.

That said, Red did end up readily rebuilding after Mr. Kaplan took away his criminal empire, but that was no easy feat. Plus, it is crucial to remember the crime drama will kick off with a two-part season premiere. Something that would indicate Red's time in prison may be a two-episode arc.

He goes in during Part 1 and gets out in Part 2? Maybe, it is just wishful thinking. However, Red allowing himself to remain in prison for longer than that seems unfathomable, even if Liz is working to make that happen.

Following her jaw-dropping realization that Red is not the man originally known as Raymond Reddington, she is on the warpath. Further complicating matters is that she no longer believes present Red is her biological father, making him an all-out imposter.

To quickly recap, viewers cannot be sure that twist is entirely what it seems. What they can be sure of, after watching this Season 6 trailer, is that Red is going to jail. Well, that and Liz's current operating premise is bound to cause him a great deal of pain.

In the trailer, Red asks Liz to help him find whoever betrayed him. He also indicates he knows that whoever they are, they are close to him. Fans, who thought Red versus Mr. Kaplan was a battle, better buckle up. This is bound to get nasty.

Red may be too personally invested to even realize that Liz is set on betraying him. Of course, he has received warnings in the past. Liz faked her death to live a new life away from him, but, of course, that did not work out so well for either of them. Learning that he was her biological father seemed to calm her desire to make future flight plans.

Now, Liz thinks current Red killed the real Red and assumed his identity. Making her believe that dead Red is her biological father and not living Red, even though he still could be her real father. Add to all of this Liz blaming Red for Tom's death, and Red is not going to be on the receiving end of her mercy any time soon.

In the trailer, Liz appears to be pretty defiant, as does Red. Despite being told that he is going to be executed, Red does not seem shaken. At the 52-second mark, Red has bruises on his face, indicating he was beaten up in jail.

Will him being attacked be the cliffhanger of the first half? Will Liz have any regrets? Can she truly outmaneuver Red? Find out if the student can outplay her teacher when The Blacklist returns! It is going to be a bumpy ride.

Season 6 of The Blacklist will premiere over two nights. It starts Thursday, January 3 at 10 p.m. ET and continues with the conclusion on Friday, January 4 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. So, The Blacklist will be arriving after this fall and in the upcoming midseason.

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