The Blacklist Season 6 Will Begin With A Super-Sized Premiere

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The Blacklist has been off the air for longer than usual this year thanks to the show being pushed back to midseason for its sixth season. Fans have had no choice but to wait and speculate about the payoff to the wild Reddington cliffhanger from the Season 5 finale. Now, some exciting news about the beginning of Season 6 has been announced. The new season will kick off with a super-sized special of a premiere.

You can catch the first episode of The Blacklist Season 6 on Friday, January 4 on NBC at 8 p.m. ET. That is actually an hour ahead of what will be its new regular time slot, but for a good reason. The premiere will run for two hours rather than the usual one, so viewers will get a double dose of Blacklist action when it kicks off in 2019. The show will move to its regular time slot of 9 p.m. ET on Fridays the next week.

Although the show is undoubtedly going to keep many details about the premiere quiet to prevent tons of spoilers in the aftermath of that killer Season 5 cliffhanger, some information about the super-sized premiere has been released already.

Liz Keen is reeling from the discovery that Reddington isn't the man she thought he was for all these years. She formed a relationship with this man over the years; does his deception outweigh their shared experiences and how he cares for her?

If there's one thing fans know about Liz from the first five seasons of the show, however, it's that she is always determined to get to the truth behind secrets and lies. Even as Liz tries to deal with her new discovery, she and the rest of her team must deal with a case of the week. Red will lead the FBI to a number of bizarre and potentially deadly criminals, all for the sake of expanding his own empire.

What better way to rid the field of criminal rivals than by siccing the FBI on them? Nevertheless, everything between Liz and Red won't be business as usual. Deadline reports that the two will "engage in an uneasy cat-and-mouse game," and lines will be crossed in pursuit of the truth before the end.

If Red knows what's good for him, he should be wary of Liz if he discovers that she learned the truth. Liz was ruthless against her enemies following Tom's heartbreaking death, and the finale proved that Tom is still very much on her mind. If Red can't provide a good explanation for why he's posing as the real Raymond Reddington whose bones he disposed of at the end of Season 5, he may not be able to consider her an ally anymore.

Considering that all of this will go down over the span of two hours in a season that seemed in doubt for a while, fans have a lot of reasons to get excited about the January 4 premiere. The Blacklist is only one of many shows returning in the midseason, but there are still shows coming back in the meantime. Swing by our fall TV premiere schedule for some options now and in the not-too-distant future.

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