6 Arrow-verse Heroes Who Could Die In Crisis On Infinite Earths

"Crisis On Infinite Earths" is one of the most famous DC comic book events, not just because of its memorable storyline and significance across multiple franchises, but also for the death. Quite literally, hundreds of characters perished in the event, and it stands to reason the Arrow-verse adaptation could feature the same bloodbath. Out of the scores that may die, it stands to reason there will be at least one major death from the crossover, but who? Let's go over some plausible candidates.

Barry Allen Grant Gustin The Flash The CW

The Flash

This is the one the future newspaper on The Flash and the comic book storyline has conditioned audiences to expect. Team Flash has tried time and time again to change the events that lead to Barry's eventual disappearance in 2024, but at the moment, his future seems set in stone. Provided that event is the Arrow-verse's "Crisis on Infinite Earths," the special may end with Barry's disappearance and him remaining unaccounted for 25 years later.

That could happen, and if it did The Flash could still continue without Barry Allen. With Wally, Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick available to take over in Barry's absence, moving on without the hero is doable. That said, all newspapers on The Flash so far report the hero missing, which may mean the world just doesn't know his whereabouts. This is assuming, of course, those events are linked, which, if not, may confirm Barry is safe for now.

Kara Danvers Melissa Benoist Supergirl The CW


Much like with The Flash, the death of Supergirl is a big part of DC's "Crisis on Infinite Earths." The heroine lays down her life in order to protect Superman, but in the process, she's killed in a battle with the Anti-Monitor. The moment led to an iconic comic book cover of Superman holding the body of his dead cousin, a moment Supergirl has already referenced with a promotional poster in the past.

Supergirl's big battle with Anti-Monitor certainly feels like a moment as important as Barry's. Of course, The CW has a show to run, and if Supergirl is to have a full season and the special is scheduled to run in 2019, one would think killing her wouldn't be the best call. With no firm plans on what The CW has planned beyond this crossover, however, it's safe to say she's still in play for a sudden unexpected death next year.

Oliver Queen Stephen Amell Arrow The CW

Green Arrow

Oliver Queen convinced The Monitor to change destiny for one reason or another, and it's possible his agreement transformed the way "Crisis On Infinite Earths" unfolds. Perhaps instead of The Flash disappearing in the midst of a crisis, it'll be the Green Arrow instead. Few would question Oliver's willingness to lay down his own life for the good of others, but would The Arrow-verse be willing to kill off one of its flagship actors for good?

It sounds crazy, but with Arrow approaching Season 8, showrunners may be looking towards an endgame. What better way to end a series than sending out Stephen Amell in a blaze of glory that literally saves humanity? Sure, the outlook for Star City may be a bit grim without him keeping the streets safe, but the town's got more than enough heroes to survive on its own if Star City will let them operate again.

The Atom Brandon Routh The Flash The CW

The Atom

One of the things that seemed to make Martin Stein's death during "Crisis On Earth-X" so significant was the crossover the character had between two shows. While Stein was a Legends of Tomorrow fixture at the time of the crossover, his introduction and appearances on The Flash made his death mean more for a larger audience. Ray Palmer is another character who's had some crossover between Legends and Arrow, so could he be the next to go?

Possibly, and let's also not forget that Nora somewhat spoiled the reveal that a new Atom will eventually make their way into the fold. Ryan Choi was said to be the hero responsible for Barry's current costume and ring, which may possibly mean he made that costume before Barry disappeared. Of course, recent revelations about Nora have given viewers ample reason to doubt her, so perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to believe everything she's told Barry and Iris.

Superman Tyler Hoechlin Supergirl The CW


There was something bizarre about Clark's ending scenes during the "Elseworlds" crossover, as his engagement and Lois' pregnancy announcement potentially set him up for a sad story. Killing off Superman would make for powerful death in "Crisis On Infinite Earths" while at the same time remove someone who isn't necessarily integral to any of the current Arrow-verse shows.

Additionally, it's hard to believe Clark is just going to sit by and watch when whatever threat The Monitor is teasing arrives. A superhero jumping into one of the biggest events a year after he's announced he's taking time off feels like a formula for disaster, even for Superman. Then again, with rumors floating around Tyler Hoechlin may be getting a stand-alone Superman show, perhaps that was more of a backdoor pilot than a foreshadowing he may die?

Green Lantern Corps. DC

Green Lantern

On the heels of "Elseworlds" teasing that Green Lanterns do exist on some worlds in the Arrow-verse, it seems as though "Crisis On Infinite Earths" could bring one of them into the crossover special. On one hand, it'd be cool to see a Green Lantern appear in the Arrow-verse. On the other, that joy may be short-lived should Crisis immediately kill off any Green Lantern's introduced in the event.

Honestly, doing that may be the only winning scenario for the Arrow-verse at this point. The "Elseworlds" easter egg has already got the ball rolling on speculation that a Green Lantern may appear, but after that debut may come the added pleas to create a series. With a Green Lantern Corps film in development, the chances of that happening feel slim, so perhaps a fleeting appearance may be the only way for everyone to win in this situation.

"Crisis On Infinite Earths" is expected to arrive on The CW in 2019. Lots of other shows will be arriving on television before then, so be sure to visit our handy fall and midseason premiere guides to see what else is coming.

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