Okay, So Game Of Thrones Doesn't Have Actual Dragons In It

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As it turns out, Daenerys' fairly iconic dragons on Game of Thrones are not technically dragons. Yes, you read that correctly. Based on the attributes that are regularly known to be specific to the creatures, Daenerys does not have even one, let alone multiple dragons. The reason? It is all in the legs.

Dragons are supposed to have six appendages, with four legs and a pair of wings. For example, look at How to Train Your Dragon's Toothless. Daenerys' pets/daughters, on the other hand, have only two legs, which makes Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion something completely different: wyverns. (Completely may be a strong word.)

This mind-blowing reality check was pointed out by a fan on Reddit whose own mind was blown regarding the "dragons" in the Skyrim video game. Yep, those are also wyverns. The factoid has quickly spread as a collateral inference for Game of Thrones' dragons. While constantly referred to as a dragonly matriarch, it turns out Daenerys is more legitimately the Mother of Wyverns.

Let's face it, though, that still has a certain ring to it. Daenerys Targaryen's fire-breathing beasts are arguably some of the more famous elements that fans love about Game of Thrones. So just because this obscure-to-laymen bit of knowledge has come to the forefront, fans probably shouldn't expect anything to change on-screen.

You do not spend seven seasons talking non-stop about Daenerys' dragons, only for them to be revealed as wyverns in the final season. Or do you? If such a thing were to be addressed on the show, it technically wouldn't change what we already know about Daenerys' one-time trio of dragons.

They are still just as powerful as can be, though the legend of Danerys having dragons would require a bit of rebranding. If Daenerys were riding actual dragons, she might be even more dangerous to her enemies. Wyverns are actually smaller than dragons, according to Ally Pennell, so Drogon and the rest would possibly have grown beyond their already gargantuan size. As fans will recall, Game of Thrones made them even larger for Season 7, so going even bigger is hard to wrap one's head around.

It tough to imagine they will endure another growth spurt before Game of Thrones ends. Wyvern or dragon, Daenerys' "children" are the game-changing factor that makes Emilia Clarke's badass one of the most powerful characters on the show.

Season 7 ended with her losing one of them to the Night King, which is a game-changer for the humans moving forward. Daenerys has two pseudo-dragons left, while the Night King has one. Of course, once Jon Snow's true identity comes out, there could be a custody dispute regarding Daenerys' remaining pets. That is doubtful, though, at least as far as what's shown.

Season 7 proved that her dragons were not as indestructible as once thought. So, anything can happen now. Whether dragons or wyverns, they will be an integral part of how Game of Thrones' ending chapter plays out.

Game of Thrones is among many of the shows set to return next year. The drama's eighth and final season will premiere at some point during April 2019 on HBO.

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